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Self-taught and in constant insatiety for the new, Granatti Júnior has gained prominence and recognition for the elegance of its projects always combining functionality and aesthetics with exclusivity and well-being. With a contemporary and sophisticated identity, his work is also known for its versatility of styles, concepts, and timelessness present in every project. Studio GRANATTI's head office is located in Balneário Camboriú, in the south of Brazil, with works in several locations in the country, as well as in Europe and America. "To provide the personal fulfillment of a client transcends the sensorial and visual experiences, the luxury for me is in the possibility of rescuing the best moments lived and make viable the most desired ones. The feeling adds value to the product and makes it unique, to be able to enable my clients to live of this luxury, to enjoy it and not simply to have it is stimulating for me, this is luxury for me".

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