Tassiana Fischer e Pedro Silveira

Author's Biography:

2020 has a special taste for architects. This year, the TASSIANA FISCHER + PEDRO SILVEIRA office celebrates 20 years and marks the company's growth, showing the market the maturity of the office and a whole differentiated portfolio. Tassiana Fischer Bachelor's - Architect and Urbanist (1996) Master's - Construction Management (1999) Tassiana has been an architect for 23 years and a specialist in construction management. In the project she is adept at the modern and daring style, always focusing on the client's functionality and desire. She believes that the carefully crafted lighting effect is indispensable for enhancing shapes, volumes, and coatings. She likes to dedicate herself personally to each job, this care being the main differential of her office. “Everything serves as inspiration, exhibitions, fairs, trips, readings, and details of everyday life. " Pedro Silveira Bachelor's - Architect and Urbanist (2004) Master's - Lighting and Interior Design (2010) Complimentary - Photography (2014) Pedro has been an architect since the age of 22, specializing in lighting. He sought photography as a way to represent his work. He discovered a new language, a new way of showing his way of seeing the world. The world through lines and geometric shapes, volumes, and plans designed under the light. Finally the look of an architect venturing through photography.

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