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Determined, he graduated in July 2009 from the University of Vale do Itajaí (Univali) and months after, opened his own office. Since then, there have been hundreds of projects carried out throughout Brazil and some awards in the curriculum, such as the one received in the 2018 edition of CASACOR SC / Itapema, which chose its “Architect's Loft” as the Most Daring Space. To complete the team, which today has 15 professionals, industrial designer Daniele Carneiro, also graduated from Univali, started working in 2017 in the office to assist in the finalization of interior projects. The partnership worked so well that, in January 2018, she became an associate of the architect and today is responsible for the specifications and final assembly of the projects. Headquartered in Itapema, Athos Peruzzolo Arquitetura develops residential, commercial, and interior design architectural projects. Meet the needs and understand the essence of customers so that each project is unique is the challenge that encourages professionals.

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