4 tips to create a refined space with Marli Lima

Refinement and sophistication: the two characteristics are very sought after for those who are decorating a space, whether it is residential or commercial. After all, details that follow these concepts are able to further value any space. But, like everything, it takes a lot of balance. When it comes to refinement, little may not be enough and a lot can be excessive. Therefore, the help of a professional is always ideal. To help you, the interior designer and decor influencer Marli Lima gathered some tips to create a refined space.

4 tips from Marli Lima to create a refined space


“A sophisticated space, above all, needs to have harmony and balance”, begins Marli. To achieve this balance, she cites some tips. “Seeking to follow the same color palette throughout the space is essential. Working with a more neutral base and leaving space for focal points, such as a vibrant color in strategic locations, maintains the refinement and brings a special charm to the space ”, exemplifies the designer. In addition to colors, the same goes for other contrasts, such as textures, coverings, and furniture. “The excess of information in a space is an enemy of sophistication. Therefore, less is more! ”, concludes Marli.

Reflection is synonymous with a refined space

If you have to choose an element to make your space more sophisticated, bet on objects that reflect light and enhance its brightness, such as mirrors, crystals, or metals. If you do not want to include only the object in the decoration, choose furniture with these characteristics. “In a rustic coffee table, for example, when we decorate it with crystal candlesticks and silver objects, we are giving refinement and a beautiful counterpoint of styles”, says Marli. In addition to sophistication, reflective elements bring even more personality to a space.

A classic revamped

This is where doubts begin to arise. After all, above we suggest taking care with the contrast of colors and textures and, now, we indicate the combination of different styles. It may seem confusing – which is why the help of a professional is so important – but, once you understand all the characteristics of a space, it is much easier to mix the right elements to create a refined space. “The entry of a more classic and timeless piece of furniture or ornament, contrasting with a more contemporary style makes the difference”, says decor influencer. “It can be an armchair or a sideboard in a more classic style with a more modern finish”, she exemplifies. The tip is to dare only in the combination of styles and merge at most two different proposals. As Marli said, the easiest way to get it right is to bring a classic element to the most modern decor. If you are a fan of the more traditional style, bring an element of daring to stand out in the space and create an even greater refinement.

Focus on lighting

We always show you the power of lighting and how it can completely transform a space. As easy as it may seem, you need to think of ways to make this light impact, be it natural or directed.

“The lighting of the space is another item that must be well thought out so as not to disturb the concept of refinement. Intermingling indirect light with direct points on the objects that should be highlighted provides a primordial glow in the space ”, explains Marli. This shine gains even more strength when combined with reflective elements, as suggested above. “The color of the most neutral light, close to the sunlight, brings warmth and refinement”, indicates Marli Lima.