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Studio Set7 projects to get inspired

Many look on Pinterest for inspiration for fashion, beauty, gastronomy, aesthetics, travel, and architecture, of course. If you are looking for references for interiors, we present you another platform with projects as incredible as those found on the social media platform mentioned above: Studio Set7’s Instagram.

The architecture and design office led by our decor influencers Eduardo Melo and Maressa Ferreira seeks innovative and original solutions, creating unique spaces, full of personality, extremely sophisticated, and exclusive. The disruption found in the office’s speech materializes in the physical space located in Balneario Camboriu. In a relaxed space, creativity is the boss and the builder of the projects that we will present next. Global trends are what govern each of them, which manage to translate both the language in the office and the client’s will, resulting in an exclusive space.

Check out some projects from Studio Set7 that stand out

1601 Apartament

Different colors and textures have been coordinated to create a very modern and current space, but still cozy. The use of wood is highlighted, providing greater comfort to the space, a sensation also caused by the use of sofas and cushions. As the apartment has an open concept kitchen, with wood, although predominant, has found a way to share its space with the stainless steel of some appliances. A third texture is still found in the rug and upholstery, responsible for bringing more personality to the space. Three was also the number chosen for the colors of the space: wood shades, gray and blue. This is the one that gets the most prominence in the space, bringing tranquility and helping to compose all the information in the space.

W&T Apartament

Refinement and sophistication are the words that mark this project of Studio Set7. White stands out in all rooms, from the gourmet area to the toilet. The large apartment on the coast has a large integrated area, which includes different spaces in one. To bring more comfort to the house, the room was divided into gourmet, living, dining, and home. Even if connected and with very similar base colors, the textures completely change from one space to the other and help to define the spaces, which convey different personalities. In this space, the living spaces catch attention for their intense colors, such as green. It is as if it were a small colored refuge amid an extremely clean and elegant aesthetic that marks the other rooms. The use of light colors also predominates in the bathroom and in the SPA that is inside the master suite. In these two rooms, visual cleansing predominates, causing a feeling of well-being.

LS Apartament

The perfect coordination of elements and styles seems to be the strength of Studio Set7. After all, in all office projects, it is possible to find a vision that mixes elements hitherto unimaginable. In the case of the LS apartment, the office bets on contemporary elements sought by younger generations, such as industrial shelves full of plants and books and the use of warmer colors. In this way, the white cold that continues to be used in sophisticated projects gives way to a shade of cream. As much as it follows a classic aesthetic, the office managed to bring current elements that modernized the living room, as is the case with the chandelier and paintings. In addition to the styles, the mixture of marble, wood, upholstery, and reflective surface may seem crazy, but it has great potential to result in a unique and full of personality, as is the case of the LS apartment.

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The famous rooftops are very well explored in the world, especially in commercial buildings using the highest point as a restaurant, bar, or pool building, in the case of hotels.

Rooftop hotel

But nowadays, an architectural movement is taking place that values well-being, contact with nature, biophilia, the cultivation of vegetable gardens in ecologically correct buildings, and providing a beautiful view is also part of the prerequisites of providing well-being.

tea at the rooftop

The common areas that are increasingly valued for providing spaces for leisure and entertainment are precisely these spaces for the enjoyment of all residents who are being taken to the highest point of the building, the best place with the best view, isn’t it wonderful? Who doesn’t?

pool rooftop

In this way, the pool, the party room, the gourmet space, the gym, the coworking, the toy library, in short, the living and leisure spaces are being moved from the ground floor directly to the top.

This movement has pros and cons. The not-so-favorable point is the need to use more elevators to access these spaces, consuming more energy and perhaps needing more elevators, so for these new buildings to be environmentally friendly it will be necessary to be energy generators and or be self-sufficient in energy to absorb this consumption.


On the other hand, the positive points are numerous, as they provide these common spaces in addition to entertainment, a different angle of the city, a panoramic view, more sun, more wind, more exclusivity … luxury.

An example of this movement is the VIBE Altma building incorporating which is revolutionizing the new way of using common spaces at the top of the building.

To learn more visit: https://altma.com.br/vibe/

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The highlights of Baroque architecture

Much of what we know about architecture today is nothing new. After all, trends are nothing more than a new look at what already exists. And with Baroque architecture, it could not be different. If today we find lovers of architectural projects full of ornaments and extravagant interior design, it is because Baroque art has conquered countless fans for centuries.

The architectural style was widespread in the early 16th century and was considered the greatest expression of art until the first half of the 18th century, mainly in Europe. As much as the style was more successful in European countries, it crossed the ocean and reached America.

How baroque architecture emerged

With a strong relationship with Catholicism, many churches were built based on Baroque art. The reason? The Catholic Church found in art a way to reaffirm its importance after the Protestant Reformation. That is why most European churches are known for their exuberant and even monumental form. The precursors of the Baroque style, on the other hand, saw Catholicism as a strong basis for consolidating themselves. So much so that most baroque expressions portray biblical scenes in a simple way so that everyone could understand.

Without a doubt, the style made history and continues to be part of many spaces.

What characteristics mark projects until today

Because it represents the sovereignty of the Church, Baroque architecture is marked by the exaltation of the figure of God and by the breaking of the classic symmetry of Greco-Roman art. With that, textures and shapes bring more movement and greater potential to move and bring different sensations. These characteristics are very common today, right? As main forms, the oval figures stand out beside imposing columns and concave and convex objects to give the impression of movement.

The wealth of Catholicism is still represented today by a Baroque architecture full of ornaments and marked by grandeur. In addition to that, extravagant objects that refer to the feeling of being able to be part of spaces that follow this style. The exuberance can also be seen in the intense use of gold, plaster and murals and paintings on the ceilings.

Finally, a low and focused lighting represents Baroque architecture and still creates a mysterious and cozy atmosphere.

Baroque architecture highlights

As much as it has a relationship with the Church, Baroque architecture has transcended and emerged in different spaces. In France, for example, the style was used to exalt the monarchy at the Palace of Versailles. In England, Baroque art was used to rebuild part of the city of London after a fire.

In Brazil, it arrived after the decline of the style in Europe. At the end of the 18th century, the country became aware of the style, which was successful in the first decades of the 19th century, through the colonizers. As in Europe, art was used as the foundation of the Christian faith. On the other hand, Baroque architecture arrived with changes in Brazil. In national constructions, the style remained monumental, but with straighter and simpler strokes.

One of the greatest examples of Brazilian Baroque architecture is the state of Minas Gerais, which has become a major tourist destination for its numerous stunning buildings that follow the style.

When we mention Brazilian representatives of Baroque art, Aleijadinho’s name stands out. Sculptor and architect, he stands out for his works in historic cities such as Ouro Preto, São João del-Rei, Congonhas and Sabará.

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The benefits of projects with a solarium

When developing a new architectural or interior design project, many bring well-being as one of the main pillars. To achieve this goal, one of the main strategies used is to bet on contact with nature – and solariums fulfill this goal well.

As if they were true havens of stress, the space is also known as a conservatory and greenhouse and it looks like a balcony, but it still allows for countless versions. The solarium can be partially or completely closed, it can be on the ground or above ground level, it can be small or large and it can be quite intimate or a shared space in a condominium. The point is: the solarium needs to get out of the ordinary and provide maximum relaxation and introspection.

Solarium possibilities

Perfect for the summer, the solarium can – and should – be used a lot during colder seasons. For this, the tip is to bet on glass ceilings or walls, which, in addition to improving lighting and temperature, also allow an incredible look without the hassle of insects.

There are countless advantages to betting on a space like this. In addition to the contact with nature that improves the quality of life, a well-designed green area can be the ideal place to create plants – and develop a new hobby. When we talk about the quality of life, physical health is also a focus. After all, the solarium allows for good sun exposure that increases or levels of vitamin D in the body, extremely beneficial to health. Well-being is also highlighted in the possibility of meditating and even exercising in the solarium.

Finally, the space can be used for a break during the day and has its results proven, since it is even used for patients recovery in hospitals.

How to create a project with a solarium

An outdoor space by itself already values an architectural project, but some points of attention are needed.

The first one is to separate the ideal place to place the solarium. Give preference to the space that receives more sunlight, such as an upper floor, a corner, or even close to the kitchen, which usually receives more natural light. Remember that artificial light is only allowed to illuminate the solarium at night.

As it is a very exposed space, be sure to protect plants and furniture and sun, rain and even strong winds. In addition to a special cover, another important tip is to protect the floor with porcelain tiles to prevent slipping.

When it comes to furniture and colors, bet on durable and waterproof pieces, such as wood, cast iron, stone, and natural fibers in earthy tones that speak to nature. When choosing possible fabrics for the furniture, choose cotton, knit, and lace. They bring more lightness, tranquility, and warmth to the space. The feeling of comfort can still be exalted by upholstered furniture to help disconnect from the outside world and relax.

As much as you want a space that brings a great feeling of comfort, it is essential to think about the temperature of the space. After all, the tendency is for it to heat up easily. With that, it can become a little unpleasant and end up causing a pressure drop. To help with this thermal balance, bet on plants, and metal and wood structures. If you want a more extravagant design, a fountain can also be a good option.

Did you like it and already want to plan a solarium in your house? The possibilities do not end there: you can transform it into a library or a charming dining space. Just let your creativity run wild!

Foto destaque J8 Imóveis.

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4 tips to create a refined space with Marli Lima

Refinement and sophistication: the two characteristics are very sought after for those who are decorating a space, whether it is residential or commercial. After all, details that follow these concepts are able to further value any space. But, like everything, it takes a lot of balance. When it comes to refinement, little may not be enough and a lot can be excessive. Therefore, the help of a professional is always ideal. To help you, the interior designer and decor influencer Marli Lima gathered some tips to create a refined space.

4 tips from Marli Lima to create a refined space


“A sophisticated space, above all, needs to have harmony and balance”, begins Marli. To achieve this balance, she cites some tips. “Seeking to follow the same color palette throughout the space is essential. Working with a more neutral base and leaving space for focal points, such as a vibrant color in strategic locations, maintains the refinement and brings a special charm to the space ”, exemplifies the designer. In addition to colors, the same goes for other contrasts, such as textures, coverings, and furniture. “The excess of information in a space is an enemy of sophistication. Therefore, less is more! ”, concludes Marli.

Reflection is synonymous with a refined space

If you have to choose an element to make your space more sophisticated, bet on objects that reflect light and enhance its brightness, such as mirrors, crystals, or metals. If you do not want to include only the object in the decoration, choose furniture with these characteristics. “In a rustic coffee table, for example, when we decorate it with crystal candlesticks and silver objects, we are giving refinement and a beautiful counterpoint of styles”, says Marli. In addition to sophistication, reflective elements bring even more personality to a space.

A classic revamped

This is where doubts begin to arise. After all, above we suggest taking care with the contrast of colors and textures and, now, we indicate the combination of different styles. It may seem confusing – which is why the help of a professional is so important – but, once you understand all the characteristics of a space, it is much easier to mix the right elements to create a refined space. “The entry of a more classic and timeless piece of furniture or ornament, contrasting with a more contemporary style makes the difference”, says decor influencer. “It can be an armchair or a sideboard in a more classic style with a more modern finish”, she exemplifies. The tip is to dare only in the combination of styles and merge at most two different proposals. As Marli said, the easiest way to get it right is to bring a classic element to the most modern decor. If you are a fan of the more traditional style, bring an element of daring to stand out in the space and create an even greater refinement.

Focus on lighting

We always show you the power of lighting and how it can completely transform a space. As easy as it may seem, you need to think of ways to make this light impact, be it natural or directed.

“The lighting of the space is another item that must be well thought out so as not to disturb the concept of refinement. Intermingling indirect light with direct points on the objects that should be highlighted provides a primordial glow in the space ”, explains Marli. This shine gains even more strength when combined with reflective elements, as suggested above. “The color of the most neutral light, close to the sunlight, brings warmth and refinement”, indicates Marli Lima.

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The advantages and disadvantages of coliving

In a pandemic scenario, the real estate market had to face some changes – even if it did not suffer major impacts with Covid-19. Among the main ones, there is the need to bring more and more shared spaces. One example is condominiums that are offering much more than an event room and a playground. Now, the resident feels the need to have gyms, swimming pools, schools, and spaces for coworking.

The sharing economy was already emerging as a trend even before the pandemic and now it is only gaining strenght. Along with coworking, shared work spaces already consolidated in society, coliving, the concept of shared housing, is gaining strength. Whoever seeks this system, follows strong values based on a sense of community and sustainability.

Far from being considered a republic or even a tenement, coliving has its own characteristics. As much as everyone promotes an intense coexistence, coliving follows collaborative values. In these spaces, it is as if there is a contract that makes residents willing to help each other in everyday matters, such as helping to care for a pet, preparing some food, or even borrowing objects. The connection and synergy between the residents is essential and pre-established even before the arrival of new coliving participants.

The benefits of coliving

As they are usually managed by companies specialized in the segment, bureaucratic issues involving rent are facilitated and costs are lower, as it is a shared space. The economy is also found in the use of resources such as water and light since these spaces are usually built with the least space impact in mind.

Another positive point is the new concept of coliving, which consists of small apartments with shared common areas, guaranteeing the privacy of each resident. In these spaces, the kitchen, laundry, and office are usually part of the common spaces.

The social issue also emerges as a positive point, since the form of housing consists of enjoying new experiences in the community. By promoting coexistence between different people, the model is more successful among younger and more autonomous people, who seek to relate to those with similar interests.

On the other hand, a generation of elderly people is looking for this real estate format. What do audiences have in common? The search for a lifestyle that aligns with flexibility, comfort, and sustainability. Flexibility even meets the optimization of residents’ time, which is optimized with the sharing of domestic activities.

Finally, the location comes as a great benefit. After all, coliving spaces are generally built-in central regions of large cities with easy access through different means of transport, such as rides with other residents.

What could be better?

Among the points that most amazes those considering moving to coliving is the lack of privacy. After all, most spaces are shared. Another point that can harm the process is the delay for the change to actually happen. The reason? It is necessary to go through some stages, such as meeting expectations alignment with future residents. In addition, most colivings are still under construction. In this way, in order for the change to happen, it is necessary to wait for the property to be ready.

And now, would you move to a coliving?

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Ruy Ohtake’s most impressive projects

When it comes to contemporary architecture and Brazilian furniture design, the name that stands out is that of Ruy Ohtake. As much as they seem to be full of simplicity, the architect’s projects are extremely expressive, unusual, and bold. But that does not make the buildings look heavy – quite the contrary. Ohtake’s works gain lightness through countless curves and bold forms, many of them in concrete that stand out with touches of vibrant colors.

Ruy Ohtake’s projects are so impressive, that the architect and professor has won more than twenty awards and recognitions throughout his career.

One of the reasons for Ohtake’s success is the ability that his creations have to surprise, excite, and even thrill. The intention to stand out in the landscape gains strength with the technological innovations present in the projects.

As much as he studied at good architecture schools, Ruy’s talent is, in fact, comes from his family. After all, his mother, the painter and sculptor Tomie Ohtake influenced him to follow the path of fine arts from an early age. With the references he grew up with, Ruy Ohtake managed to develop his own language that mixes technology with an oriental touch.

Get to know the main works of the artist, who has more than three hundred works in Brazil and abroad.

Ruy Ohtake’s main projects

Hotel Unique

With no doubt, Ruy Ohtake’s most prestigious project is the Unique Hotel, in São Paulo. Known as “the boat hotel” and even “watermelon hotel”, the building is synonymous with modernity and is considered one of the most important contemporary architectures in the world.

Tomie Ohtake Institute

Another work by Ruy that stands out in São Paulo is the Tomie Ohtake Institute, which pays homage to the architect’s mother. The space created to host exhibitions of architecture, design, and fine arts was recognized with an award at the 9th Buenos Aires Biennial of Architecture, in 2001.


The Governor of the State of São Paulo and the Mayor of São Paulo, João Doria, deliver 240 housing units in Heliópolis. Place: São Paulo / SP Date: 12/05/2017 Photo: Gilberto Marques / A2img

One of the most beautiful works ever done by Ruy Ohtake is volunteering in Heliópolis, where he helps build dignified housing for people in situations of social vulnerability and takes colors and shapes to the favela.

Royal Tulip Alvorada

The curved shapes so characteristic of Ruy Ohtake are highlighted inside the Royal Tulip Alvorada, in Brasília. The U-shaped hotel also impresses – and attracts countless guests – with its balcony.

Brasília Shopping and Towers

The project stands out for being considered unusual for a shopping center. Designed in the shape of a semicircle 45 meters high, the building is covered with aluminum sheets, which allows the passage of light, but retains heat.

Brazilian Embassy in Tokyo!

The semicircle format repeats itself in the project was especially made for the Brazilian Embassy in Tokyo. The large windows, which also mark the architect’s works, are present in the work that portrays Ruy Ohtake’s roots.

Maison de Mouette Building

The winding curves of the building located in São Paulo bring space to breathe to the urban scene. As a highlight of the project, the wavy terraces differ from one floor to the next, arousing amazement and a lot of admiration.

Pantanal Aquarium

Located in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, the project highlights the capture of solar energy, which allows natural light to enter the work. In addition, the sustainability aspect of the project can also be seen in the reuse of rainwater.


Ruy Ohtake was invited to readjust the Cícero Pompeu de Toledo Stadium, also known as Morumbi Stadium. The renovation was done especially for the 2014 World Cup.

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5 trends for the real estate market in 2021

There is no doubt that 2020 has changed the way we relate to a space. Houses have become the space where we spend most of our time and, therefore, the search for larger and more airy spaces has increased. That is why the real estate sector has remained heated – as far as possible – even in the midst of chaos. Even so, there are numerous trends in the real estate market

landscape photo of wooden houses

The change in habits and the way of relating to the home, encouraged developers to launch new properties and residents to look for a house more and more suited to their needs. Even with the numbers close to previous years, the real estate market had to seek some adjustments to maintain a successful case. For this, some trends were said to be the main ones for the real estate market in 2021. Find out what they are:

Space is key

Spending most of the time at home, even the largest homes became tiring. Life between rooms and bedrooms became tedious and each new space discovered was cause for extreme joy. What’s more, anyone who had a little contact with the outside space was considered a very privileged person. Those who didn’t, started looking for new properties with a backyard or, at least, balconies. In addition, condominiums are seeking to offer a complete lifestyle to their residents – all with plenty of space, of course. Gyms, coworkings and even schools have become part of the real estate clubs that seek more and more well-being and a more pleasant coexistence.


Home office

In 2021, another trend in the real estate market was remote work, which became more than a necessity caused by the pandemic. It has become a lifestyle of choice for many workers. For this reason, properties that did not have space for the modality lost. Before, residents had to adapt to what they had. Now, they are looking for new homes with an exclusive space for the home office. While the big plants plan specific rooms for the sport, the studios are looking for more and more innovations in design. With this, each piece of furniture gains different functions so that the room functions as a good room and also as an efficient office.

home office

A breathe

We don’t even need to say that people started to give more value to each space of their houses, right? After all, space was responsible for the quality of life of (almost) everyone in 2020. This issue, combined with remote work, made many people search for properties on the coast or in the countryside, seeking a breather provided by contact with nature. As it became possible to work from anywhere, properties far from the large urban centers started to be more valued. The probability is that this issue is one of the strong trends in the real estate market in 2021.

woman lying beside swimming pool during daytime

Remote work, but together

We have already said that remote work has become a reality and, if it has not yet, there are great chances of becoming the modality of the future. As much as the home office separates co-workers, each one gains new companies in the coworking spaces, which have become a trend in the new condominiums. Without facing traffic, a few meters from the front door and with all the facilities that an office offers to promote greater concentration, the implantation of coworkings in the common areas of the buildings is one of the great benefits that promise to be a trend in 2021.

woman holding tea filled mug using MacBook

Digital first

Many seek the four trends in the real estate market in 2021 mentioned above, but are discouraged when thinking about the bureaucracy involved in the process. After all, many who are isolated do not feel comfortable going out to visit new properties or sign contracts. To serve this audience, real estate agents, construction companies and developers needed to improve their digital channels. In this way, technology and artificial intelligence have become essential for the real estate market. Videos and photos need to be of impeccable quality and a 360º visit to the decorated rooms has become a great differential. Now, consumer behavior shows that everything needs to be resolved with just one touch.

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The future of architecture according to Priscila Feuers

Do you know that feeling that, when we finally understand a situation, it soon develops and we go back to square one? The globalization and exchange of information in an accelerated way makes us always feel in search of something different, something new. With the future of architecture, it couldn’t be different. As much as it follows the client’s personal tastes, it is always looking for new solutions and references to make the spaces much more than visually pleasing, but extremely functional and that have a positive impact on society.

To seek to understand a little more about what the future holds when it comes to architecture, the architect and Decor Influencer Priscila Feuers gathered five points that she believes represent well how architecture will behave in the coming years. “The architecture of the future will be more contributory to the survival of cities and people,” says Priscila.

Understand the future of architecture:

Social Solutions

According to the architect, the future of architecture must bring solutions to different social problems. “The architecture of the future will bring solutions to poverty, overpopulation, and depletion of the land. It will be even more essential for cities. Through lower-cost solutions, it will make it possible to build less investment with solutions that add more quality of life in small spaces ”, she explains.

Care for the environment

Several sectors have long expressed great environmental concern. The need to think about the impacts caused to the environment has become an issue that directly influences different markets, including architectures’. The issue, in fact, should gain even more strength in the coming years. “The architecture of the future will have to be innovative in the materials used and in the future construction structures. It will bring self-sufficient constructions, which contribute to the environment, be it in reuse materials for buildings, low-cost solutions, in the capture and cleaning of water for reuse, in the generation of energy, in spaces destined for planting gardens and smaller spaces. housing ”, points out Priscila, who still believes that, in addition to the concern at the time of developing new projects, care for the environment must be present in solutions that seek well-being, whether with greater contact with nature or in shared social spaces.

A look at mobility

Looking at mobility has been a topic discussed for a while, but it has not yet gained the deserved importance. For Priscila, the theme will gain greater visibility in the coming years. “The architecture of the future will contribute to the mobility of cities through the construction of buildings such as micro-cities, which aim to absorb mobility with multipurpose spaces”, she comments. Among the examples given by the architect, there are residential and commercial condominiums that have different services offered to residents, such as shops, pharmacies, coworkings, sports courts, swimming pools, and gyms. “This own infrastructure allows for a better quality of life for residents, in addition to directly interfering in the social well-being of the population living in this space. On the other hand, cities also benefit from these large condominiums for contributing to urban mobility. With their help, the urban population moves less through urban spaces, generating less traffic, less pollution, and more safety ”, analyzes Priscila.

Connection with nature

Much is said about biophilia and the impact it has on the well-being of those who frequent the spaces that follow the concept. For the architect, those who still do not have this characteristic as a basic premise, need to try to understand the topic. After all, an architecture aligned with nature will mark the future of the sector, be it in the constructive impact or in the sensation caused by the biophilia in the residents.

Technical details

According to Priscila, the future not only of architecture but also of product design, lies in the most organic, sensitive, and comfortable lines, always seeking to bring the feeling of well-being. This concept, known as organic architecture, emerged in the 1930s and is once again gaining momentum as a way of uniting the environment and technology. The combination took place through harmonious and ecologically sustainable construction techniques. “The main objective of organic design is to use nature as a source for creating more natural spaces, which is its greatest inspiration. Today, the curves are much more accentuated, whether in interior projects, product design, or architecture. In the future, the organic shape will be even more accentuated and present, as well as more colorful giving a more futuristic look. We see this movement very strong with the famous and world-famous designer, Karim Rashid ”, concludes Priscila.

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6 Tips to have the perfect lighting with Mary Fernanda

One of the main characteristics of a good interior design is to guarantee perfect lighting. As much as it often does not gain adequate recognition by residents, light is responsible for providing a sense of well-being, comfort, and coziness.

To help you rethink your home lighting and enjoy its countless benefits, architect and decor influencer Mary Fernanda has gotten together some tips. The specialist in interior design and lighting shows how it is possible to bet on changes in an easy way. Check them out:

For the perfect lighting …

brown wooden table with chairs

“Choose the right light bulb, the shade of light that the lamp emits in a space is an extremely important point that must be taken into account. In leisure and rest rooms, such as the living room and bedroom, we can create a more cozy atmosphere by opting for the warm light, which is the one with the most yellow hue. In places such as the kitchen, bathroom, and service areas, cold light is more suitable, which is the shade between white and a shade of blue, which is a stimulating color ”, explains Mary.

Focus on windows

“Using large, wide windows is one of the main tips for having a well-lit house. It is fundamental because these elements allow for a greater solar incidence ”, says the architect. As essential as it is, you need to pay attention to the proportions of the room, to maintain balance in the space. So, leave the large and imposing windows for larger spaces.

If the space does not allow many windows, a good solution is the glass walls and skylights, which allow greater passage of light between the rooms.

Play around with the possibilities of the luminaires

Mary says that one of the main allies of perfect lighting is the lamps that allow indirect light. “Lamps, sconces, floor lamps, all these elements have the function of illuminating the spaces in a diffuse and punctual way. This type of lighting is great for creating different scenarios in the same space ”, says the architect.

For her, the luminaires can be used in different ways. “Side tables, sideboards, and even bedside tables can serve as perfect supports for the use of lamps, such as lampshades or even sconces, which is a trend in decoration,” she says.

Finally, Mary also suggests specific reading lamps, which are articulated and can be included on tables or even on the floor. Even so, attention is needed! After all, this light needs to be directed and clear in the right measure so as not to tire or force your vision.

Perfect lighting needs chandeliers

It is necessary to be very careful when choosing the chandelier for your space. After all, according to Mary, it is necessary to choose an option proportional to the space. “A small room with a recessed ceiling will be better equipped with a pendant chandelier or a built-in model. If I have a large room with a double-height ceiling, then we can use the volumes and textures, like placing a large crystal chandelier ”, exemplifies the architect.

Attention to materials

“The luminaires can be produced by countless types of materials, such as natural fiber, fabric, glass, iron, and polypropylene, and can also be made in different formats. Each of them will have a specific effect on the decoration. So, when buying [um lustre ou luminária] it’s good to make sure you like the way it emits light, the designs, and shadows it forms in space, and also the intensity of the lighting, because there are some super modern design models that are very cool, just that they illuminate a lot So you end up paying dearly and don’t have enough lighting that you need”, she concludes.

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Oscar Niemeyer’s most impressive projects

When it comes to Brazilian architecture, the first name to remember is that of Oscar Niemeyer. After all, the architect was one of the two Brazilians to win a Pritzker, considered the Nobel Prize for architecture. The recognition was due to its reinforced concrete curves that take charming details to large cities.

Countless are the projects that mark Niemeyer’s work. Get to know the most impressive and responsible for the success of the architect not only in Brazil but worldwide.

9 impressive projects by Oscar Niemeyer

Education and Health Ministry – Rio de Janeiro

The first modern construction in Brazil was actually designed by Le Corbusier, but it was the idea of an intern who made the project so impactful. This intern was Oscar Niemeyer, who suggested that the building be centralized on the site and that it had more support.

Pampulha Modern Ensemble – Belo Horizonte

Here began a great partnership between Oscar Niemeyer and Juscelino Kubistchek. When he was elected mayor of Belo Horizonte, he invited the architect to develop his own neighborhood for leisure. Thus, Pampulha, which was inspired by Baroque art, was created to house casinos, clubs and restaurants.

United Nations Headquarters – UN – New York

Remember Oscar Niemeyer’s relationship with Le Corbusier? Then, history repeated itself! The Brazilian architect was invited to be part of the commission that would develop the UN building in the United States, but he was afraid to present his ideas so as not to contradict the former boss. Only when Le Corbusier took the Brazilian’s ideas, did Niemeyer expose his project, which was approved by the whole team.

Ibirapuera – São Paulo

The monumental park of São Paulo had a Niemeyer project. Inaugurated in 1954, Ibirapuera was designed to have an admirable freedom of form, which manages to impressively connect the pavilions and cultural spaces of the complex, which was only completed in 2005.

Copan Building – São Paulo

The weight of the concrete meets an unexpected fluidity of the modern design that brings a space to breathe to the center of São Paulo. Today, Copan is considered a postcard of the metropolis and has iconic restaurants and cultural centers.

Brasília – 1957

Here is the reunion of Niemeyer and Kubitschek, who invited the architect to develop the government buildings of the new capital in the country. Oscar Niemeyer was responsible for the Catetinho, Palácio da Alvorada, National Congress, National Theater, Supreme Federal Court, Planalto Palace, Praça dos Três Poderes, Brasília Cathedral, Ministry of Justice, Itamaraty Palace, Brasília airport and the Memorial JK projects..

Passarela do Samba – Rio de Janeiro

Known as Sambadrome, the home of the Rio carnival was planned by Niemeyer, who was tasked with “giving the people samba”. The highlight of the project is the monumental Praça da Apoteose, which enchants lovers of the Brazilian festival.

Latin America Memorial – São Paulo

Another imposing building by Oscar Niemeyer in São Paulo is the Latin America Memorial, which has huge spans that symbolize the spirit and political grandeur that the building represents. The building also has the traditional curves of the architect’s projects.

Museum of Contemporary Art – Niterói

Known for seeming to float over the landscape, the Niterói museum is a true postcard. The construction of abstract forms makes up the Niemeyer Trail, a 3.5 km route that featured cultural spaces developed to revitalize the region.

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How to mix different colors and textures with Monica Garcia

When developing a space, it is easy to be enchanted with different possibilities and difficult to choose which ones fit best with the space to be designed. For this, the interior designer and decor influencer Monica Garcia gathered some tips to mix different colors and textures in a single space without causing visual discomfort. Get ready to write down the golden tips and feel ready to develop a much more harmonious space.

Check out Monica Garcia’s tips

Coziness first

The first secret revealed by Monica Garcia is to use the mixture of colors and textures to create a pleasant and cozy space. “If I want a more cozy space, I have to balance all the materials I am going to use so that this room does not get too cold”, explains the designer. In one of the spaces designed by her, Monica highlights the mix of wallpaper with marquetry effect, stainless steel, porcelain panel, and frosted glass. The coziness is also evidenced by a table made with demolition wood, for example. “When you mix the materials, you have to try to create the balance so that a dining room doesn’t look like a cold space, like a kitchen. It is important that there are materials that will provide warmth, a warmer feeling so that the space is pleasant ”, points out the decor influencer.

Be careful with colors

“When you are going to mix materials, you have to pay close attention to how you are going to add these colors,” explains Monica. In one of her works, she used five different materials, but with colors that talk to each other. “We have the stainless steel that is decorating the mirror very well. If I had put a clear mirror and a bold color instead of stainless steel, the space would have turned out very strange ”, he understands.

Don’t forget the balance

“The materials have to be balanced. If I put something very modern with a demolition piece, if they are not in harmony, it will be weird. The person will enter the space and say that the piece has nothing to do with its surroundings”, says Monica. She also points out the contrast between a rustic piece of demolition that is harmonized with a glass top and chromed steel foot to make it more contemporary.

Harmony can also be achieved by combining stainless steel or white porcelain, which has more modern characteristics, with wallpaper that follows a more conservative line. “When it comes to mixing the materials, you have to balance them so that the modern, the classic and the rustic are able to talk and be pleasant in the same space”, concludes the designer.

Focus on practicality

For Monica, it is important to think about some practical details when developing a project, such as paying attention to the materials you are going to combine. “If you put a marble floor together with wood, maintenance can be difficult since each material requires different care,” she explains. Another example is when you choose to place mirrored furniture, which requires more work to keep it clean. “You have to see exactly how a client’s routine and preferences are so that practicality is involved. This type of detail is important to evaluate when choosing the materials that will be used in your project ”, points out the decor influencer, who also mentions the care with the temperature inside the wine cellars so as not to fog the glass and to make it difficult to clean and pay attention to the glass-topped corners, especially at home with children.

The importance of dialogue

“I think it’s super important to make sure that the customer will like all the materials that will be used. There are clients who hate leather, who don’t like mirrors. Anyway, we have to make sure that the mix of materials will be beautiful, harmonious and, above all, please the customer in all aspects ”, concludes Monica.

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