5 Luxurious homes to inspire you

Do you like to notice the architecture and style of the houses? Looking for an ideal design model for your home? This week we’ve gathered some amazing architectural projects to inspire you.

Modern House


With innovative geometric shape in straight lines and its large glass windows, this project brings modernity, ventilation and natural light to the property.

The contrast of colors between concrete and wood, surprises with a spectacular and contemporary look.

The second floor has a living room with a fully glazed façade with wide street views and access to the spacious and elegant balcony.

The project has a modern and compact layout, uniting space, aesthetics and functionality.

Large glass windows


This residence has a beautiful and imposing entire glazed façade.

In this project, the façade works for a better use of light and natural ventilation and makes the external and internal space integrated and with easy access to the open areas.

This house imposes spaciousness with large windows completely in glass. With stone and wood details, the project refers to a rustic but contemporary air.

Floating second floor


This house has a very unique design and draws attention by style, even being monochrome and straight shapes and a clean façade made of boards.

The design has a modern and bold design that values basic geometric shapes and the upper floor is under the impression of floating on the ground floor.

Seeking functionality and practicality, the rule of this residence is the space saving with the use of verticality.

Classic American style

Classic North American style houses are trending. With Greco-Roman references and the Shingle tiled roof, American-style house designs are an air of comfort and are a charm.

The flooring on long floorboards, the balcony at the front, and the staircase for access to the main door.

The garage is also in the American model since it is part of American culture to use the space to perform activities besides being the space to store the car.

Columns give support and sophistication at the entrance of the residence.

The walls coated in boards and structure in drywall and the finish in white color are the most popular choices.

Modern wooden house on the beach


Overlooking the sea, this super cozy wooden house has a design with details in wood and stones, transmitting a rustic and relaxing air, but contemporary and stylized.

The balcony accompanies the surroundings of the property in a wide, airy project that, facing the beach, allows a magnificent view of the anywhere in the house.

In the center of the house there is still a beautiful swimming pool overlooking the sea and a spectacular lawn.

Did you like these examples of amazing projects? Enjoy and get inspired by the details of your favorite designs to decorate your home.