5 trends for the real estate market in 2021

There is no doubt that 2020 has changed the way we relate to a space. Houses have become the space where we spend most of our time and, therefore, the search for larger and more airy spaces has increased. That is why the real estate sector has remained heated – as far as possible – even in the midst of chaos. Even so, there are numerous trends in the real estate market

landscape photo of wooden houses

The change in habits and the way of relating to the home, encouraged developers to launch new properties and residents to look for a house more and more suited to their needs. Even with the numbers close to previous years, the real estate market had to seek some adjustments to maintain a successful case. For this, some trends were said to be the main ones for the real estate market in 2021. Find out what they are:

Space is key

Spending most of the time at home, even the largest homes became tiring. Life between rooms and bedrooms became tedious and each new space discovered was cause for extreme joy. What’s more, anyone who had a little contact with the outside space was considered a very privileged person. Those who didn’t, started looking for new properties with a backyard or, at least, balconies. In addition, condominiums are seeking to offer a complete lifestyle to their residents – all with plenty of space, of course. Gyms, coworkings and even schools have become part of the real estate clubs that seek more and more well-being and a more pleasant coexistence.


Home office

In 2021, another trend in the real estate market was remote work, which became more than a necessity caused by the pandemic. It has become a lifestyle of choice for many workers. For this reason, properties that did not have space for the modality lost. Before, residents had to adapt to what they had. Now, they are looking for new homes with an exclusive space for the home office. While the big plants plan specific rooms for the sport, the studios are looking for more and more innovations in design. With this, each piece of furniture gains different functions so that the room functions as a good room and also as an efficient office.

home office

A breathe

We don’t even need to say that people started to give more value to each space of their houses, right? After all, space was responsible for the quality of life of (almost) everyone in 2020. This issue, combined with remote work, made many people search for properties on the coast or in the countryside, seeking a breather provided by contact with nature. As it became possible to work from anywhere, properties far from the large urban centers started to be more valued. The probability is that this issue is one of the strong trends in the real estate market in 2021.

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Remote work, but together

We have already said that remote work has become a reality and, if it has not yet, there are great chances of becoming the modality of the future. As much as the home office separates co-workers, each one gains new companies in the coworking spaces, which have become a trend in the new condominiums. Without facing traffic, a few meters from the front door and with all the facilities that an office offers to promote greater concentration, the implantation of coworkings in the common areas of the buildings is one of the great benefits that promise to be a trend in 2021.

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Digital first

Many seek the four trends in the real estate market in 2021 mentioned above, but are discouraged when thinking about the bureaucracy involved in the process. After all, many who are isolated do not feel comfortable going out to visit new properties or sign contracts. To serve this audience, real estate agents, construction companies and developers needed to improve their digital channels. In this way, technology and artificial intelligence have become essential for the real estate market. Videos and photos need to be of impeccable quality and a 360º visit to the decorated rooms has become a great differential. Now, consumer behavior shows that everything needs to be resolved with just one touch.