It’s cold? Ideas to make the house warm without spoiling the décor

The coldest period of the year in the northern hemisphere is coming and you are already thinking about how to make the warm house without spoiling the décor?

Know that it is possible to enjoy the cold without losing the elegance.


One of the most famous styles today is the Scandinavian décor that emerged in the Nordic countries of Europe, where the cold weather is severe and lasts long months.

Precisely for this reason, the décor is designed so that the house feels warm and cozy for both residents and visitors.

How about getting inspired by some details of Scandinavian décor to heat up your winter home with style and sophistication?

Check out some items to help you on this mission.

Fabrics, prints and textures


With the arrival of the coldest seasons, use fabrics, prints and textures on carpets, blankets and cushions of your home.

With these features, you can find the comfort needed to make your home cozier and even gives a touch of style to your décor.



The rug is one of the indispensable items when it comes to heating an environment, whether on a tiled or wooden floor, the rug allows a more comfortable contact with the floor near sofas, armchairs, or the bed.

The rug acts as a thermal agent that retains the heat in the space, providing a cozier space.

To fulfill the task of heating the environment ideally count on a more robust rug made with materials such as cotton or wool.



It’s been a while since the blankets were incorporated into the décor of spaces, as well as being there always ready to warm you up on cold days.

With the most diverse types of fabrics, colors, prints, and textures, blankets are great to be placed on a sofa or armchair, adding a charm to the environment.


Blankets are also very welcome in a bedroom, either to make the bed or for an armchair that can serve as your reading space.



In addition to helping to give more comfort to your home, cushions are essential for decoration.

Cushions are items that can be changed without costing much and that changes the color instantly.

In order to adapt your cushions according to the time of year, invest in lighter removable covers in the hottest seasons and thicker covers for the coldest season.

Move the furniture around


Leaving sofas, armchairs, and beds against walls can cause heat loss to the surface, especially when it comes to one of the external walls.

Wallpaper and warm colors


Wallpaper can serve as thermal insulation, so, if you are looking for a more durable solution, and with a lot of style, invest in this technique.

Walls with warm colors such as red and orange also help create a more comfortable thermal feel in winter.



Even the lighting of your home can help keep the heat on colder days, using yellow lamps increases the feeling of warmth and coziness in the home.

In addition, candles can be great for maintaining temperature and making lighting more conducive to winter.

What are your tricks?

What about you? What tricks do you use to make the house warm in winter?