Decoration trends to put into practice in 2020

Have you been on top of what’s on the rise in the décor this year? There’s still time to catch up!

Trends for the present moment say more about being than about having. However, for a year in which people are more at home than ever before, it’s the perfect time to explore decoration trends and even get your hands dirty.

2020 is a year that explores experiences and sensations, which unifies concepts and brings challenges and stimuli for adaptations and changes.

Reconnection with nature in 2020

One of the most relevant trends in 2020 is reconnection with nature at home.

Sustainability and reuse of materials came with full force in 2020 and, in this moment of isolation, nothing like decorating the space where you spend much of your day with a little green and nature.

Being sustainable is a very strong value, sustainability has influenced consumption and aesthetics, encouraging several new habits such as eco-friendly homes.

In addition, the concept renews the decoration trends with the use of recyclable materials, rustic, natural, and parts that use biodegradable raw materials that harm less the environment.

There are several materials that combine and suit a greener house or apartment: Bamboo, wood, straw, ceramics, wicker and other natural materials will be very present in the decorations of the houses in 2020.

Comfort is a priority in times of staying at home

house with plants, living room with plants

Taking care of the house in a pandemic moment can provide you and your family members with a better work and social environment.

The organization of the house is related to the quality of professional habits and coexistence, providing comfort, security, and privacy.

Comfort and the feeling of belonging is the ability of people to feel at ease and satisfied with the space around them and this has been very important in recent months.

One of the most important things in these times of pandemic is the power to control the space in which one lives, creating spaces that provide both reflection and disconnection.

Colors of 2020: Shades of pink, green and mustard yellow.

shades of pink for the sofa
Mustard Tones in Decoration

In 2020 the trend in colors are soft palettes, and tone over tone.

This year, the colors on the rise are the soft palettes: blue, shades of pink, yellows like mustard yellow and various shades of green.

Other popular colors that will color 2020 are burnt yellow, opaque black, and pale terracotta pink.

For neutral and refined spaces also follow as trend in 2020 colors that bring balance as beige, off white, and gray.

Monochrome: Tone on tone

The tone on tone is a trend that came with great strength this year, exploring the textures and layers of the décor.

tones on tones of furniture and objects
Real photo of a pink couch with pillows in front of a shelf with posters and flowers in bright living room interior with a hanging lamp and shelf with books in the front

Monochrome spaces are a strong trend in decoration in 2020, to create a space with this composition choose a color and use the variations of tones within it.

This way of decorating the space opens up enough space to use the tone over tone, that is, the overlap of tones of the same color, this gives a feeling of continuity and brings elegance to the space.

Asymmetric patterns are on the rise in decoration for 2020

asymmetry in furniture and decoration

Formats that avoid traditional lines are part of a style that in 2020 has still been widely used. Starting with cushions of different styles, seams and prints even on the walls.

This type of trend brings the use of prints with different patterns and is with great force this year.

Maximalism opposes simplicity

This year minimalism will face maximalism with force, since, increasingly at home, people should try to make better use of each space to make the space useful.

Spaces with bright colors and the maximum use of spaces are marks of this style of decoration.

Invest in cushion prints

Cushions are items that can be used on sofas, beds, bean bags, and always give a feeling of care and comfort.

The bet for 2020 is to use the prints on cushions, adding tripes, abstract shapes, and stylized pads, this is the trend for the year.

Colorful and vibrant cushions to leave the colorful environment

Multifunctional furniture

In this year 2020 functional furniture are on the rise and this is an opportunity for those who like versatility, practicality and economy, without giving up aesthetics.

This type of furniture can be used in several rooms, using the most every available space, without forgetting the style and good taste in the décor.

Take care of yourself, take care of your house

In the first months of 2020 your home was your protection, how about giving a repaginated in the home décor? And put into practice the trends for 2020. Take care of who you love and if you can #StayAtHome