Did the Farmhouse style come to stay?

Do you like rustic-style houses inspired by farms? The Farmhouse style will provide you with warmth and tranquility.

Farmhouse translates to farm house, however, in the décor we have a modern style that is the union of rustic with chic.

Today, we will talk about a traditional decoration style called farmhouse, a warm style, cozy and strong personality.


This style of decoration escapes contemporary sophistication reflecting a simpler and more traditional décor.

Farmhouse is a style of decoration with origins in the classic of rural American houses of the 19th century.

The style is inspired by cottages of former North American farmers, but despite the great rural influence, it is a chic and elegant style of décor.


The impression that the farmhouse style passes is of comfort and simplicity of the countryside, but it is essential to escape from references of agricultural decoration.

The farmhouse is an elegant and rustic style, which balances elements of nature and special and very bright spaces.

The style can reflect the past in a modern way through the design, colors and materials used in this style of interior decoration.

The ceilings are usually high with wood beams, as well as the walls and floor, creating elegant, comfortable, and soulful space.

With the use of the farmhouse style, it is possible to produce a very elegant and sophisticated space and, and at the same time, a comfortable and familiar.


Details in rustic wood, iron and a lot of use of contrasts, make up the décor and create a simple, traditional and cozy atmosphere.

Currently the Farmhouse is a harmonization between the lines of contemporary and rustic style of the country houses that provide comfort and traditionality in their projects.

The farmhouse décor brings the feeling of being in a quiet country house after a tiring day of work.

The style uses a simple color palette with lots of black and white contrast, cream tones and wooden elements

Farmhouse-style furniture

The furniture used in the farmhouse style consists of large and robust pieces, which bring an illusion of passage of time and that creates a lot of personality and comfort in the spaces of the house.

Furniture in many cases is reused or parts that are redesigned to give the furniture an older appearance.


In farmhouse style, large beds are the main attraction of decoration in the rooms.

The four-poster beds and stately cabinets are furniture that brings all the personality of the farmhouse to your home.

An indispensable item in this type of decoration is the chairs.

There are several models of chairs that match the farmhouse style that can be used in the décor.

Tolix chairs go very well with the large rustic tables and the great use of wood of this style.

Shaker chairs are also a great choice for creating a perfect farmhouse kitchen.

Guests can also use some models of rustic benches, at the entrance of the house, on the kitchen counter or at the foot of the bed and on the dining table.

Benches are versable, practical contribute to the rural and robust aesthetic of this decorative style.

Enjoy the use of wood

The proposal to honor the ancient and imposing American rural properties are remembered at each point of the design and decoration.

The excessive use of wood recalls the old barns and cottages that used this material.

Wood is widely used in furniture, objects, and in the construction of a farmhouse-style house

Use a neutral color palette

White is the best option for a predominant tone, and black for metals.

However, you should add a warmer shade like cream, orange, wood tones and even bricks.

Choose shades that more reflect vintage style and antique pieces for these details instead of choosing strong colors and exaggerated contrasts.

Use industrial components

In addition to lots of wood and rural themes use oxidized metals to create an atmosphere with industrial components.

Exposed and worn walls and bricks bring an air of home and warmth to your décor.

Antique cabinets and galvanized baskets, serve to bring industrial style and refer the rural decoration of this style without interfering or sticking out.


Farmhouse add-ons

When it comes to creating farmhouse-style décor, almost all utensils attached to the farm and rural life can be useful.

Rustic and vintage-looking accessories are the most popular choices for recreating the farmhouse’s field atmosphere.

Use industrial elements of old rural life to give a master touch to farmhouse décor.

You can add color using the fabrics in stripes or checkers, which are essentially a trend in this style.

Cushions, blankets, curtains, and bedding are the ideal pieces for using farmhouse-style stripes and chess.

Watering cans, antique kitchen utensils, space for boots at the entrance, posters, and arts that refer to farms and rural life are important, as well as plants everywhere.

It is essential to add some paintings or photographs that remind you of life on a farm and its animals such as horses, cows and birds.


Another type of decorative piece very popular of this style are signs or plates.

They are usually made in raw wood with or without frames.

Many artists recreate worn calligraphies over time to create a sense of home and comfort

Do you enjoy rural life and simple colors?

The farmhouse is a style to show that the rustic concept can be light and very different from the concept of dark, old and heavy furniture.

Do you like nature-inspired textures and wood-use décor? Get inspired in the rustic style of the farmhouse.

This is a style of decoration that creates an organic and unpretentious space, Rustic and contemporary, the farmhouse is a light, fresh, traditional décor, and without losing contact with nature!