FlyLady organization method: change your habits in 2021

To begin the year, we will talk a little about the Konmari method to make the house clean and begin the year only with the things that make you happy inside your home. Now, to start 2021, how about learning a method to keep the house clean and tidy every day with little effort?

What is the FlyLady method


The method invented and perfected by Mrs. Marla Cilley was born at a time when the founder found herself tired of having a messy house and not perfectly clean.

Marla Cilley created a perfect method and, seeing that it worked, began to spread to other people. Over time, the method became a real business.

For the method to work, you have to follow it seriously. The main points are: the 15-minute rule, daily tasks, and the use of a stopwatch.

Next, understand each of the steps of this method, maybe it can help you be a more organized person in 2021.

15-minute rule

15 minutes

In addition to falling into the trap of perfectionism, one must reserve only 15 minutes for each task.

This time frame should be timed and you may take less time than that, but never more.

The principle of the method is to do a little every day, without seeking perfection and through small actions.

No to marathons

When you start cleaning up the house and you put up the challenge of stopping only when everything is perfect, you create an exhaustive marathon.

In this way, cleaning the house becomes a tiring task and you suffer to accomplish it.

organization method

Establish a routine

There is a belief that an action performed for 21 days in a row becomes a habit.

The method requires that we divide the tasks to be performed in 3 moments of the day: morning, afternoon and night.


Fixed cleaning

At the three tasks of the day, fixed cleaning should be performed, always being repeated weekly.

Baby Steps

The method understands that the insertion of tasks in your daily life should be seen as baby steps until it becomes a habit.

Mission of the day

To avoid that after a month or season you find yourself with accumulated organizing tasks, the ideal is to perform some sporadic missions.


The last and certainly no less important point is to love your own well-being.

The creator encourages you to always be presentable, even when cleaning up the house, wearing shoes, eating well and exercising and, especially, making time for yourself and the family.

For the most enthusiastic, experts recommend keeping a “control journal” for notes and lists of procedures, so that everything is always under control.


Once done, this cleaning method will become a habit, an effective storage and cleaning routine that will prevent stress and tiredness.