Furniture capable of promoting health is pointed out as essential in the post-pandemic period

Know the parts that protect against fungi and bacteria

Coronavirus has impacted all markets and economic sectors in the world, transforming consumer needs and demands in a relevant way.

Behaviors are changing at the same speed as the disease progresses. A study by the Qualibest Institute showed that 94% of Brazilians changed hygiene habits after the onset of the pandemic.

The use of gel alcohol increased 67%, followed by bleach (51%), disinfectant (47%) and liquid soap (42%).

environments without mold or fungi

In architecture,the challenge is to create new spaces for the home office – a trend that came to stay, even after the pandemic – and dirty areas to prevent viruses and bacteria from getting into the house.

home office

Another novelty is the furniture with antimicrobial protection, which inhibits the proliferation of bacteria on the entire surface of wood panels.

Mobitec, for example, works with Duratex’s MaDeFibra BP Ultra Premium parts. Moisture resistant, it is made with reforested wood, has protekto antibacterial protection.

This protection creates a barrier that eliminates the growth of microorganisms and a wide range of bacteria, not allowing them to deposit in the products, keeping the cleaning for longer.

In this way, the products remain sanitized and healthier. In addition, Protekto protects panels from stains and bad odors caused by mold, maintaining functionality and extending product life.

movitec kitchens

“What was once only requested for kitchen and laundry areas, has become an excellent option for the whole house.

In the children’s room, for example, having a protected furniture is fundamental”, says mobitec commercial director, Eleandro Miranda, who explains that, because it is applied in the manufacturing process, Protekto becomes part of wood panels, paints, varnishes, laminates and synthetic coatings. The physical characteristics of the modulated are not affected, and the protection lasts throughout the life of the cabinet.

Technology and prevention

furniture and custom closets

WGSN, a trend forecasting leader, has published a report by strategist and publisher Petah Marian, which points out that companies should work to create strategies that improve the sense of security, well-being and promote calm.

To this, the industry works tirelessly to continue offering design, quality, innovation and health.

The same report points out that, according to Nielsen research, 49% of consumers will be willing to pay “a premium” for products with high quality guarantees and verifiable safety standards.

“We understand that the company capable of serving the customer with high technology and a lot of security will prevail,” says Eleandro.

At Mobitec, the work is done in a handmade way in its own factory, which is located in Pinhais, in the metropolitan region of Curitiba.