How to enjoy the best of each style of decoration

Choosing among the most famous decorating styles can often be difficult, each has its charm and can bring to your home unique visual features and sensations.

In order for you to enjoy the best of each style of decoration, follow below the strongest points of each.

The Luxury of Classic Style

Classic style

Inspired by Greco-Roman architecture, the classical style brings very rich details and elements of the Baroque and Rococo movement.

Always with dramatic design, great proportions, and luxurious elements, this is a style that is always trending.

Known for the use of columns, arches, and skirting boards very well worked and ornate, the style reflects opulence and sophistication.

By enjoying the best of classic décor, you bring luxury and sophistication to your home.

The naturalness and sophistication of minimalism


In the minimalist style, aesthetics is overvalued and, because there are few elements, each of them should be well thought out.

The surfaces are smooth and polished, and the colors tend to be cold and neutral, with an appreciation of natural light favored by the use of large windows.

With a clear background, usually with the use of white walls, the use of wood on the floor and furniture refers to nature and fills in the space with naturalness and sophistication.

To enjoy the best of the décor in the minimalist style, you can bet on unusual choices, that highlight an element such as bold chairs in natural fabrics.

The receptivity of the Rustic style


The Rustic style, or Farmhouse, is inspired by cottages of former North American farmers, but despite the great rural influence, it is a very elegant style of décor.

The impression that the farmhouse style passes is of comfort and simplicity of the countryside, but it is essential to escape from agricultural decoration references.

The style can reflect the past in a modern way through the design, colors, and materials used.

The ceilings are usually high with wooden beams, as well as the walls and the floor, creating elegant, comfortable, and very receptive spaces.

With the use of the farmhouse style, it is possible to create a very elegant and sophisticated space and, at the same time make it comfortable and family friendly.

The coziness of the Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style

The Scandinavian style is a type of decoration inspired by the Nordic countries of Europe that has gained more and more fans, for its ability to unite design and comfort.

As the style was born in a region where winter is harsh and lasts many months, it proposes several ways to make the environments comfortable in all rooms, being cozy not only for those who live there but also for visitors.

With wide, clear spaces and a strong connection with nature, the Scandinavian style refers to welcoming, but without giving up in any moment of elegance.

To enjoy the best of this style is to bring warmth to your home with straight lines, natural woods, and light colors.

The functionality of the American Style

American Decor

A typical American house has some details that are part of the country’s style of decoration, bringing together aesthetics, comfort, and ample spaces.

The versatility and functionality are peculiarities of this style that is based on an integrated plan for easy circulation and communication among the rooms.

Therefore, enjoying the best of the American style means thinking of a space in which there is integration among the living room, dining room, and kitchen, creating a connected space where there is functionality and communication among the rooms.

open kitchen

You do not need to choose a single style to decorate your home, after all, the best of decoration is to be able to give personality to your home.

Taking advantage of each style allows you to create a unique space that can provide your family and guests with the comfort you need.