Pet Furniture: Examples of Exclusive Furniture For Your Pet

Pets have already won our hearts and are often considered the owners of our homes.

Because of this, nothing more interesting and fair than animals having their own little “corner” indoors.

pet bed

In recent years, the supply of furniture and accessories made especially for them has grown.

This furniture is developed thinking about the tastes, habits, and behavior of animals. In this article, we will bring furniture ideas specially designed to please your pet.

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The Brazilian Pet Population

The fact that the Brazilian in general is passionate about pets, everyone already knows about it. And according to the IBGE Census in 2013, the number of dogs reached 52 million. Parallel to this, the number of cats is 22 million. Only the number of dogs and cats added up to half the number of adolescents and children aged between 0 and 17 years in Brazil.

A lot, isn’t it?!

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This is the main promotion for the Brazilian pet market, which already occupies the third place in the world in the area of revenue stake in the sector.

As a result, more and more companies are investing in high-end pet furniture. Every day new furniture options appear for your pet.

pets houses

Below, we will show you some innovative furniture options for your four-legged children. Check it out:

1. Dog house

Pet House

The first thing you usually think about is to offer a little house for dogs and cats since every animal needs a space of its own. It’s very common to have a dog house in the backyard. But among the new products in the market, how about building a dog house under the stairs? Or even, acquire the option that has signed design and blends with your furniture?


2. Hammock

Who does not like to rest and relax on the swing of a hammock? For animals, this is also possible. The hammock is a wooden-based furniture that has a kind of wide cushion fixed at the top end, where the animal can lie down and stretch out with comfort and safety. After all, the sloth net is a charm in the decoration of the house

pet cat

3. Wall Path and Shelves For Cats

In the case of cats, those who know them know that they are animals that love climbing walls, climbing the roof, on the branches of trees, in short, they like higher places. Therefore, it is worth investing in ergonomic shelves so that cats can climb up and down at will, or even “skew” between them in a comfortable way.

Toys Cat

4. Beds For Dogs and Cats

Another very common element, besides the dog houses, is the bed for both dogs and cats. Today there are a multitude of models of bed and sofa bed with the most different and modern designs possible. If that’s your wish, you’ll surely find a stylish pet bed that suits you, match your décor, and please your pet at the same time.

dog beds

Pets habits

More important than pleasing animals, having a pet friendly and stylish house, is to respect the habits of these animals trying, to the maximum, not to humanize them and allow them to live according to their nature.

This may be the most interesting point of development of furniture specially designed for animals. Comment and tell us, if you have any pets, if you have any specific furniture for it and which of these ideas mentioned above you liked the most.