Renovations that value real estate properties

When doing a renovation on a property, many factors should be taken into consideration and one of them is the type of renovation that will value the house.

Among the elements that can not be left out in a property are: high-end finishes, spaciousness and planning, as well as safety and technological elements.

If you are planning a renovation in a property, get to know some interventions that can not only give more comfort and design to the house but also value it in the real estate market.

Open concept

Open concept

Properties with a common area with an open concept, that is, with the living room, dining room, and kitchen without walls of separation between them, is being an increasingly sought after factor in the luxury real estate market.

The open concept allows for contact between people in different spaces of the house, besides giving spaciousness to the space, which greatly values a property.

Leisure area

outdoor area

Investing in a leisure area is an excellent way to value a high-end house, after all, a luxury property with a space for parties, rest and meetings, is much more coveted.

Building or renovating a swimming pool, creating a deck, and, above all, executing a landscaping project are ways to value the leisure area of a high-end property.

Safety items


As it could not fail to be, security is an essential item in a luxury property.

A luxury property should offer its owners the necessary tranquility with thoughtful protection, from access to the prevention of accidents from natural causes.

With that in mind, any renovation that can give more safety to the property is welcome, from the installation of cameras to digital locks and automatic gates.



Automation is a feature that allows different devices within a home to be controlled by devices such as tablets or smartphones.

In a high-end house, adding technological resources can greatly value the property.

Therefore, adapting elements and appliances of the house to work in an automated way is a great way to value the property.

When planning a renovation in a property, think about the modifications that in addition to providing more comfort, value the property, is essential.

It is important to look at the quality of all the finishes used in a luxury property, as they need to be of high-end.

Materials such as noble woods, marble and precious metals are great additions to further enhance the property.