The benefits of projects with a solarium

When developing a new architectural or interior design project, many bring well-being as one of the main pillars. To achieve this goal, one of the main strategies used is to bet on contact with nature – and solariums fulfill this goal well.

As if they were true havens of stress, the space is also known as a conservatory and greenhouse and it looks like a balcony, but it still allows for countless versions. The solarium can be partially or completely closed, it can be on the ground or above ground level, it can be small or large and it can be quite intimate or a shared space in a condominium. The point is: the solarium needs to get out of the ordinary and provide maximum relaxation and introspection.

Solarium possibilities

Perfect for the summer, the solarium can – and should – be used a lot during colder seasons. For this, the tip is to bet on glass ceilings or walls, which, in addition to improving lighting and temperature, also allow an incredible look without the hassle of insects.

There are countless advantages to betting on a space like this. In addition to the contact with nature that improves the quality of life, a well-designed green area can be the ideal place to create plants – and develop a new hobby. When we talk about the quality of life, physical health is also a focus. After all, the solarium allows for good sun exposure that increases or levels of vitamin D in the body, extremely beneficial to health. Well-being is also highlighted in the possibility of meditating and even exercising in the solarium.

Finally, the space can be used for a break during the day and has its results proven, since it is even used for patients recovery in hospitals.

How to create a project with a solarium

An outdoor space by itself already values an architectural project, but some points of attention are needed.

The first one is to separate the ideal place to place the solarium. Give preference to the space that receives more sunlight, such as an upper floor, a corner, or even close to the kitchen, which usually receives more natural light. Remember that artificial light is only allowed to illuminate the solarium at night.

As it is a very exposed space, be sure to protect plants and furniture and sun, rain and even strong winds. In addition to a special cover, another important tip is to protect the floor with porcelain tiles to prevent slipping.

When it comes to furniture and colors, bet on durable and waterproof pieces, such as wood, cast iron, stone, and natural fibers in earthy tones that speak to nature. When choosing possible fabrics for the furniture, choose cotton, knit, and lace. They bring more lightness, tranquility, and warmth to the space. The feeling of comfort can still be exalted by upholstered furniture to help disconnect from the outside world and relax.

As much as you want a space that brings a great feeling of comfort, it is essential to think about the temperature of the space. After all, the tendency is for it to heat up easily. With that, it can become a little unpleasant and end up causing a pressure drop. To help with this thermal balance, bet on plants, and metal and wood structures. If you want a more extravagant design, a fountain can also be a good option.

Did you like it and already want to plan a solarium in your house? The possibilities do not end there: you can transform it into a library or a charming dining space. Just let your creativity run wild!

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