The colors you can already bet for 2021

pantone colors 2021

Choosing the colors of the décor is one of the most important steps when you want to renovate or renew your home.

One of the ways to make this choice is by defining a color palette and, at this point, why not rely on the help of experts?

Color trends do not come by chance, and Pantone ( is here to organize the millions of shades available for segments such as fashion, design, advertising, and what interests us most: decoration!

Recently, Pantone launched Synergy, defined by the institute itself as “a palette of peaceful and stimulating tones”, it brings together calm tones that together bring modernity and serenity, but mainly a feeling of warmth and familiarity.

Pantone Synergy Palette

We are at a time when meeting with our homes is something of utmost importance, so this environment should bring the feeling of peace and welcome.

Translating this into colors means gathering tones that convey comfort from calm colors and darkened tones.

That’s exactly what Pantone does by creating the Synergy Palette, from shades of green, blue, pink and lilac, it creates a serene and stimulating combination at the same time.

Botanical Green

Below are some inspiring environments decorated with Pantone’s Synergy Color Palette.

Green in double dose

pantone tones 2021

With Botanical Green and Baryl Green, Pantone bets on two shades of green in the same palette, with the first bringing depth and the second, lightness.

The green in the decoration refers to nature, tranquility, and serenity, and can be incorporated from elements such as painting and tapestry, but also with the natural colors of the plants.

Triple-dose blue

three shades of blue

If green has great importance in Pantone’s Synergy palette, blue comes with even more strength in three different shades: Harbor Blue, Aqua Haze and Capitains Blue.

In 2020, the classic blue tone was the color of the year by Pantone, which certainly influences the fact that blue remains a trend, but in this new proposal in softer tones that refer to nature.

Pink, green and blue

Pink, blue and green environment

Pink has been part of several decorating projects for some time, whether in rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, or bathrooms.

The color is very successful, especially in unusual decorations as combined with gray, and now comes accompanied by lilac to contrast with green and blue.

Cozy contrasts

cozy atmosphere

The Elderberry tone is an earthy pink along with the Filmy, a discreet and pearled pink give femininity to the palette, bringing a cozy feeling.

The lilac shade Heirloom Lilac is the perfect contrast for shades of green and blue, giving sophistication and, at the same time modernity to decorations that invest in this palette.

green and lilas environments

At this time when our homes become a place of work and also rest, it is necessary to look for combinations that provide concentration and creativity, but at the same time relaxation and coziness.

With Pantone’s Synergy Palette, the company proposes exactly this meeting between sophisticated and welcoming, providing necessary sensations for everyday life in the current reality.