Tips for your New Year’s Eve party at home

The year 2020 is coming to an end, and with the pandemic situation that the world is currently experiencing, parties and agglomerations will not be possible to celebrate the coming of the new year.

With that in mind, we would like to help you think of the best way to have a New Year’s Eve party at home and enjoy this moment alongside a few people, but without giving up a celebration with glamour and sophistication.

Below are the most important points to think about at your New Year’s Eve party at home.

New Year’s Eve party decoration

New Year's Eve

You don’t need to rearrange the space or make megalomaniac decorations for an elegant and charming New Year’s Eve party.

Bet on neat details with brilliance and create a party atmosphere without exaggerating the décor.

Dinner at New Year’s Eve Party

New Year's Eve Dinner

Preparing a table already set and details that create a party atmosphere will make all the difference.

It is worth investing in small flower arrangements that adorn the table. Be careful not to have too big arrangements that end up getting in the way, or flowers that exude a strong smell.

Even at a small party, thinking about a special menu can demand time, so plan ahead what you will serve.


You can opt for a fresh salad easy to prepare for the starter and for the main course a simple but elegant pasta.

Protection at the New Year’s Eve party

intimate party

During the Coronavistus pandemic, you always need to remember the prevention and safety of everyone. For this, create cups and glasses markers for each guest to have their own.

This way, you prevent glasses from being changed and take care of everyone’s safety in an elegant and personalized way.

Create a space for drinks where people can serve themselves.

In bathrooms, prefer disposable materials to dry your hands, this way you prevent guests from making use of the same towel.

Make available a hand sanitizer both at the entrance and at a place near the table where people can use, for example, before and after they serve themselves.

Record the moments next to who you love

New Year's Eve

While 2020 was a difficult year in which isolation and social distancing kept people more physically distant, it was also a year of discovering the value of friends and family.

Therefore, at this time of cycle closure, using your home, which was your refuge for months of social distancing to celebrate New Year’s Eve, shows how important the bond with your home is.

Enjoy the moments when we should be by the side of a few people to make the most of the company you love and record each moment together.