6 Tips to have the perfect lighting with Mary Fernanda

One of the main characteristics of a good interior design is to guarantee perfect lighting. As much as it often does not gain adequate recognition by residents, light is responsible for providing a sense of well-being, comfort, and coziness.

To help you rethink your home lighting and enjoy its countless benefits, architect and decor influencer Mary Fernanda has gotten together some tips. The specialist in interior design and lighting shows how it is possible to bet on changes in an easy way. Check them out:

For the perfect lighting …

brown wooden table with chairs

“Choose the right light bulb, the shade of light that the lamp emits in a space is an extremely important point that must be taken into account. In leisure and rest rooms, such as the living room and bedroom, we can create a more cozy atmosphere by opting for the warm light, which is the one with the most yellow hue. In places such as the kitchen, bathroom, and service areas, cold light is more suitable, which is the shade between white and a shade of blue, which is a stimulating color ”, explains Mary.

Focus on windows

“Using large, wide windows is one of the main tips for having a well-lit house. It is fundamental because these elements allow for a greater solar incidence ”, says the architect. As essential as it is, you need to pay attention to the proportions of the room, to maintain balance in the space. So, leave the large and imposing windows for larger spaces.

If the space does not allow many windows, a good solution is the glass walls and skylights, which allow greater passage of light between the rooms.

Play around with the possibilities of the luminaires

Mary says that one of the main allies of perfect lighting is the lamps that allow indirect light. “Lamps, sconces, floor lamps, all these elements have the function of illuminating the spaces in a diffuse and punctual way. This type of lighting is great for creating different scenarios in the same space ”, says the architect.

For her, the luminaires can be used in different ways. “Side tables, sideboards, and even bedside tables can serve as perfect supports for the use of lamps, such as lampshades or even sconces, which is a trend in decoration,” she says.

Finally, Mary also suggests specific reading lamps, which are articulated and can be included on tables or even on the floor. Even so, attention is needed! After all, this light needs to be directed and clear in the right measure so as not to tire or force your vision.

Perfect lighting needs chandeliers

It is necessary to be very careful when choosing the chandelier for your space. After all, according to Mary, it is necessary to choose an option proportional to the space. “A small room with a recessed ceiling will be better equipped with a pendant chandelier or a built-in model. If I have a large room with a double-height ceiling, then we can use the volumes and textures, like placing a large crystal chandelier ”, exemplifies the architect.

Attention to materials

“The luminaires can be produced by countless types of materials, such as natural fiber, fabric, glass, iron, and polypropylene, and can also be made in different formats. Each of them will have a specific effect on the decoration. So, when buying [um lustre ou luminária] it’s good to make sure you like the way it emits light, the designs, and shadows it forms in space, and also the intensity of the lighting, because there are some super modern design models that are very cool, just that they illuminate a lot So you end up paying dearly and don’t have enough lighting that you need”, she concludes.