Oscar Niemeyer’s most impressive projects

When it comes to Brazilian architecture, the first name to remember is that of Oscar Niemeyer. After all, the architect was one of the two Brazilians to win a Pritzker, considered the Nobel Prize for architecture. The recognition was due to its reinforced concrete curves that take charming details to large cities.

Countless are the projects that mark Niemeyer’s work. Get to know the most impressive and responsible for the success of the architect not only in Brazil but worldwide.

9 impressive projects by Oscar Niemeyer

Education and Health Ministry – Rio de Janeiro

The first modern construction in Brazil was actually designed by Le Corbusier, but it was the idea of an intern who made the project so impactful. This intern was Oscar Niemeyer, who suggested that the building be centralized on the site and that it had more support.

Pampulha Modern Ensemble – Belo Horizonte

Here began a great partnership between Oscar Niemeyer and Juscelino Kubistchek. When he was elected mayor of Belo Horizonte, he invited the architect to develop his own neighborhood for leisure. Thus, Pampulha, which was inspired by Baroque art, was created to house casinos, clubs and restaurants.

United Nations Headquarters – UN – New York

Remember Oscar Niemeyer’s relationship with Le Corbusier? Then, history repeated itself! The Brazilian architect was invited to be part of the commission that would develop the UN building in the United States, but he was afraid to present his ideas so as not to contradict the former boss. Only when Le Corbusier took the Brazilian’s ideas, did Niemeyer expose his project, which was approved by the whole team.

Ibirapuera – São Paulo

The monumental park of São Paulo had a Niemeyer project. Inaugurated in 1954, Ibirapuera was designed to have an admirable freedom of form, which manages to impressively connect the pavilions and cultural spaces of the complex, which was only completed in 2005.

Copan Building – São Paulo

The weight of the concrete meets an unexpected fluidity of the modern design that brings a space to breathe to the center of São Paulo. Today, Copan is considered a postcard of the metropolis and has iconic restaurants and cultural centers.

Brasília – 1957

Here is the reunion of Niemeyer and Kubitschek, who invited the architect to develop the government buildings of the new capital in the country. Oscar Niemeyer was responsible for the Catetinho, Palácio da Alvorada, National Congress, National Theater, Supreme Federal Court, Planalto Palace, Praça dos Três Poderes, Brasília Cathedral, Ministry of Justice, Itamaraty Palace, Brasília airport and the Memorial JK projects..

Passarela do Samba – Rio de Janeiro

Known as Sambadrome, the home of the Rio carnival was planned by Niemeyer, who was tasked with “giving the people samba”. The highlight of the project is the monumental Praça da Apoteose, which enchants lovers of the Brazilian festival.

Latin America Memorial – São Paulo

Another imposing building by Oscar Niemeyer in São Paulo is the Latin America Memorial, which has huge spans that symbolize the spirit and political grandeur that the building represents. The building also has the traditional curves of the architect’s projects.

Museum of Contemporary Art – Niterói

Known for seeming to float over the landscape, the Niterói museum is a true postcard. The construction of abstract forms makes up the Niemeyer Trail, a 3.5 km route that featured cultural spaces developed to revitalize the region.