7 living rooms to inspire you

living room

An excellent way to start planning the decoration of a space is by searching for other projects that can serve as inspiration.

The way furniture is positioned in the space, the choices of colors and textures, and all the elements that end up resulting in a decorating style can inspire you.

colors and textures

Below, check out some living rooms with decorations of the most different styles for you to use as a template.


Mark Dalton

A beachfront living room deserves a beautiful glass wall with panoramic views, doesn’t it?

The décor of this house takes the elements of the beach into the space, both by the colors and textures and the use of natural objects such as the tree trunk used as a side table.

A great inspiration, showing that the inside of the house can reflect the natural beauties found on the outside.

Class and sophistication

living room

For those looking to compose a refined atmosphere, using classic-style elements such as wall ornaments and boldly designed furniture is a great choice.

Light colors in cream tones make the space neutral and perfectly match the darker tones of the natural woods.

Sophisticated contemporary

dark living room

With contemporary décor, this house combines sophistication and functionality, with sober shapes and dark tones, the style seems to be inspired by 1950s New York warehouses transformed into residences.

The space balances natural materials such as wood with less organic finishes such as metal and concrete, resulting in a modern and elegant space at the same time.

Comfort and modernity


Mixing straight and curved shapes in the same space, this décor highlights light shades and explores different textures in the tapestry and finishes.

The high floor to floor height of the space is valued, indirect lighting creates a nostalgic finish that the house needs.

Balance and nature


The contemporary décor of this space balances natural elements such as foliage and wood to the rectilinear design of structures and furniture.

Using neutral shades and prints, the décor mixes the traditional and the modern.

The tradition of the countryside


Designed in an open and connected environment, the rustic-style décor, also known as the farmhouse, brings elements of the countryside into a contemporary home.

The open environment composed of rustic woods and oversized furniture offers comfort and warmth for residents.

Colors and sophistication


The space makes the most of the natural light from large windows that explore the entire ceiling height of the residence.

Those looking for inspiration for neutral colors can use solid colors in the décor, can start by adding small details such as cushions and armchairs that bring neutral points to the environment.