Breathing art!

Uniting the past in harmony with the functionality and practicality of the present day was a premise for this project signed by Andréa Timm.

Executed with great taste, the project brings up and evidences with charm and originality the cultural references that express the family heritage of the residents through the collection of dishes, antique furniture and works of art.

chic classic style

The mixture of the materials of some furniture and lighting aimed at contemporary living, as well as the use of colors in almost all spaces, reveals this way of living with elegance.

Upon entering, the living room already exposes the residents’ passion for pieces of design and art.

Artist such as Schwanke, Fernando Karl, Aldemir Martins, Ricardo Munhoz, Mário and Marcos Avancini, Gerrit Rietveld, Harry Allen share the space of an odd and harmonic personality.


When going through the spaces, a remarkable Brazilianness is perceived. The furniture from Minas Gerais, the coffee table in wood and bamboo, the floor finish in the kitchen a rereading of the tiles, hand made adornments by Pedro Petry, the Jabuticaba lamp by Ana Neute, pieces that naturally come together and bring history to this project.

Brasility in art

Furniture has been strategically studied and uses natural wood and painting as protagonists. We highlight the design of the furniture in a pearlized lacquer metallized green, a rereading of the piece DIAMOND EMERALD BOCA DO LOBO and the glass cabined in demolition wood with crochet background in the dining room that exposes pieces from the collection of porcelain, both by the designer.

Dining room

The furniture of the bathrooms and the choice of stones for coating the countertops are options that deserve to be highlighted.

In the bathroom that serves the guest room and the home office, the countertop received a coat of paint in pumpkin lacquer color, the marble top with delicate shafts in the same shade, and the lighting with the use of embedded vertical lights in the large back panel in the same stone of the countertop bring elegance and modernity to the space.

bathroom with art

The master bathroom elegantly explores the beauty of the natural stone Onyx. Present in the coating of the hot tub and the countertop, the natural stone Onyx added beauty by putting built-in lighting, this feature allowed a punctuated use and created an even more exclusive atmosphere to the space.

Daughter’s bedroom


Another room with great personality is the daughter’s bedroom, who opted for a more industrial space.

The premise of this room was the use of an iron nightstand, inherited from her paternal grandparents, and restored to meet the desire to transform the room into a more intimate and unique space. For this, a more sober color palette was used with shades ranging from gray to metalized and black. The color appears in pieces signed by Jaime Bernardo and Rejane Carvalho Leite, Brazilian designers and punctuates the decoration of the young woman’s room. The bathroom that serves the young woman’s room carries the theme as the room and, therefore uses in the wall covering, the chess patters in the same shades of the room. Finally, the use of wood, discreetly placed on the horizontal pannel that serves as a support for the mirror, visually heats the space.

Home Office

fourth daughter
home office
home office library

Stay with me though

Photos: Pablo Teixeira @pabloteixeirafotografia – Alexandre Zelinsk @alexzs