Andréa Timm

Author's Biography:

Andréa Timm is from Sao Paulo and lives in Joinville since 1989. With a bachelor's in interior design from UTESC, she works in her office, ANDRÉA TIMM INTERIORES, for 20 years, where she designs residential, commercial, and furniture design projects. Attentive to movements, Andréa is constantly researching for personal and professional improvement and currently studies an MBA IN LUXURY ARCHITECTURE, at Faculdade Roberto Miranda in São Paulo. Andréa has projects published at PREMIER e DSTQ DECOR magazines, some articles for columns segments of local newspapers and at annual editions of JANELAS LUXAFLEX, NCD 2020 e no DSTQ DECOR Edição 100. During her journey, Andréa received several awards through decoration centers and from companies such as Criativa, Formus, Orlean, Florense, and Docol. During these experiences, she has the opportunity to explore de explore the living, live the city, experience smells, try new flavors. For Andréa, these experiences polish her sight and naturally reflect on the project she signs. Andréa says that her role as an interior designer is to extract emotion, life as it is from the one who will inhabit the space, transforming it into something that represents it. She believes that the home is the place where we nourish ourselves, in transparency, in emotion, in the things that tell about who we are. She believes that beauty is Unique and Exclusive for every outlook; and that when putting herself in the shoes of those who view it, she makes all the difference! And the personal nature and essence of exclusivity are the pillars that direct her projects.

Amazing duplex that squanderes personality!

Breathing art!

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