Colors for 2021 bring together well-being and technology

What will be the colors for 2021? The WGSN trends office, in partnership with Coloro – a consultancy specializing in colors – has released shades that should reflect on fashion, technology, and interior design as of this summer. Given the so many changes imposed by the pandemic caused by Coronavirus, it makes sense that one of the main focuses is well-being. Therefore, the main bet is on A.I Aqua, a positive hue, which is a great mix of sporty and modern. The color is a type of emotional and immersive blue, inspired by the elements of technology and the concentration of intense activities.

Beyond nature, A.I Aqua makes the immediate link with technological elements. Have you noticed that they are almost always based on natural inspirations for creating their models and shades? The study by WGSN x Coloro understands that technological advances will continue to be increasingly important in the current context of society. Data released by the agencies reveal that the average use of screened devices is 9 hours per day.

And this is how A.I Aqua transits: in the natural shade of sea blue, with touches that carry the colors we get used to finding in technology. Surely the world will continue to gain devices and apps on a daily basis, but people will need something immersive and emotional. And that’s exactly the point of color.


How about applying Aqua A.I at home? Thanks to its versatility, color can be used on walls, furniture, cushions, and objects.

The living room wall came to life and blends in super well with the environment. In fact, the blue color – and its different shades – can be easily used with black, gray, and white. If you want to dare, bet on gold, silver, or yellow.

According to WGSN, the look at the natural world and the ocean will also be important and should determine people’s desires when making their decorating choices. In this room – designed by Flavia Gueiros – the bed linen in two shades of blue bring relaxation to sleep.

White and blue: the perfect combination to bring peace and balance. Note that with some adjustments in the decor, it is possible to renew your space and remain within the trends. Here, the living and dining room has gained chairs, pendants, and a sofa in the tones of the new season.

Colors for 2021

In addition to the A. I.Aqua, the palette for Summer 20/21 also includes the shades:

Lemon Sherbet: yellow has taken solid steps in the commercial territory in recent seasons. In 2021, it will change to the softer tone of Lemon Ice Cream, which manages to bring together the well-being of the sun, with a calming effect.

Quiet Wave: the greens continue to gain more and more space. In 2021, the cooler tones stand out in front of the colder levels. The Quiet Wave is optimistic and futuristic, the perfect mood for the beginning of a new decade.

Good Grey: balance to the most vivid hues of the season, it is the ideal partner for a wide range of shades. It contributes to a return to minimalism when used alone.

Oxy Fire: is the extroverted bet for the season – a fiery and saturated hue. Indicated to energize and animate products and collections.