The famous rooftops are very well explored in the world, especially in commercial buildings using the highest point as a restaurant, bar, or pool building, in the case of hotels.

Rooftop hotel

But nowadays, an architectural movement is taking place that values well-being, contact with nature, biophilia, the cultivation of vegetable gardens in ecologically correct buildings, and providing a beautiful view is also part of the prerequisites of providing well-being.

tea at the rooftop

The common areas that are increasingly valued for providing spaces for leisure and entertainment are precisely these spaces for the enjoyment of all residents who are being taken to the highest point of the building, the best place with the best view, isn’t it wonderful? Who doesn’t?

pool rooftop

In this way, the pool, the party room, the gourmet space, the gym, the coworking, the toy library, in short, the living and leisure spaces are being moved from the ground floor directly to the top.

This movement has pros and cons. The not-so-favorable point is the need to use more elevators to access these spaces, consuming more energy and perhaps needing more elevators, so for these new buildings to be environmentally friendly it will be necessary to be energy generators and or be self-sufficient in energy to absorb this consumption.


On the other hand, the positive points are numerous, as they provide these common spaces in addition to entertainment, a different angle of the city, a panoramic view, more sun, more wind, more exclusivity … luxury.

An example of this movement is the VIBE Altma building incorporating which is revolutionizing the new way of using common spaces at the top of the building.

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