Studio Set7 projects to get inspired

Many look on Pinterest for inspiration for fashion, beauty, gastronomy, aesthetics, travel, and architecture, of course. If you are looking for references for interiors, we present you another platform with projects as incredible as those found on the social media platform mentioned above: Studio Set7’s Instagram.

The architecture and design office led by our decor influencers Eduardo Melo and Maressa Ferreira seeks innovative and original solutions, creating unique spaces, full of personality, extremely sophisticated, and exclusive. The disruption found in the office’s speech materializes in the physical space located in Balneario Camboriu. In a relaxed space, creativity is the boss and the builder of the projects that we will present next. Global trends are what govern each of them, which manage to translate both the language in the office and the client’s will, resulting in an exclusive space.

Check out some projects from Studio Set7 that stand out

1601 Apartament

Different colors and textures have been coordinated to create a very modern and current space, but still cozy. The use of wood is highlighted, providing greater comfort to the space, a sensation also caused by the use of sofas and cushions. As the apartment has an open concept kitchen, with wood, although predominant, has found a way to share its space with the stainless steel of some appliances. A third texture is still found in the rug and upholstery, responsible for bringing more personality to the space. Three was also the number chosen for the colors of the space: wood shades, gray and blue. This is the one that gets the most prominence in the space, bringing tranquility and helping to compose all the information in the space.

W&T Apartament

Refinement and sophistication are the words that mark this project of Studio Set7. White stands out in all rooms, from the gourmet area to the toilet. The large apartment on the coast has a large integrated area, which includes different spaces in one. To bring more comfort to the house, the room was divided into gourmet, living, dining, and home. Even if connected and with very similar base colors, the textures completely change from one space to the other and help to define the spaces, which convey different personalities. In this space, the living spaces catch attention for their intense colors, such as green. It is as if it were a small colored refuge amid an extremely clean and elegant aesthetic that marks the other rooms. The use of light colors also predominates in the bathroom and in the SPA that is inside the master suite. In these two rooms, visual cleansing predominates, causing a feeling of well-being.

LS Apartament

The perfect coordination of elements and styles seems to be the strength of Studio Set7. After all, in all office projects, it is possible to find a vision that mixes elements hitherto unimaginable. In the case of the LS apartment, the office bets on contemporary elements sought by younger generations, such as industrial shelves full of plants and books and the use of warmer colors. In this way, the white cold that continues to be used in sophisticated projects gives way to a shade of cream. As much as it follows a classic aesthetic, the office managed to bring current elements that modernized the living room, as is the case with the chandelier and paintings. In addition to the styles, the mixture of marble, wood, upholstery, and reflective surface may seem crazy, but it has great potential to result in a unique and full of personality, as is the case of the LS apartment.