Halloween: Ideas for decorating the house inside and out

October 31st is coming, and nothing more fun than decorating the house for this creepy American party. Halloween began hundreds of years ago with the Celtic people and then spread in the United States and Europe. However, nowadays the traditional party is based only on “Trick or Treat”, goodies and many people playing costumed in the streets.

Decorated zucchini for Halloween party

Carving Pumpkins

As the old saying goes, “the best thing about the party is waiting for it”.

The best thing about Halloween is to engage with the decor and provide the family a fun time, where everyone can participate, play, and relax by carving the pumpkins and decorating the house, and the creepier, the better.

Play, cut pumpkins and interact with family on halloween

Pumpkin lanterns have a very peculiar history, according to the legend, Jack O’Lantern was a bohemian drinker who was accepted neither in heaven nor in hell, however, he carved a pumpkin and put a candle inside to deceive the devil.

Decorating house

The colors of Halloween is a mixture of orange, black and purple, In addition to these colors, red, yellow, lime green and white are also seen in the decoration of the house and costumes for the night of Halloween.

House decorated for halloween
Beautifully decorated house for Halloween night

“Trick or Treat”

Trick or treat is the most used phrase among children to get the largest amount of sweets, dressed as little monsters, and playing with the “possible” tricks, is an excellent opportunity to interact with the neighborhood and the kids.

You distribute sweets, or get tricked???

Table Set Up

At the time of supper, we can also embrace the decoration, between snakes, bats, skulls and scratches, after all, we can make this festivity a good opportunity to color the table and make it full of mysteries.

Table put for halloween

Witches and others more

Dressing up on Halloween day is also part of the ritual, and one of the most commonly used costumes is, without a doubt, of a witch. She can be both charming and dark. The make-up is also part of the look as well as accessories such as hats and brooms.

Witch boots on halloween

Decorating the house and having fun is what matters most at this time of year. It is to return to childhood and bring joy and games to such an interesting day and full of mysteries.

And don’t forget to choose a really cool costume, spice up makeup and have fun!