Handmade: Get to know the decorating trend

Decorating our house in a way that meets our style is great, isn’t it?

The handmade, a growing trend, is a great alternative for a space to be personalized and cozy.

In addition to giving personality, the handmade style – also called Do It Yourself (DIY) – also allows the appreciation of handmade works that were no longer commercially used.

With this, techniques such as crochet, macrame, baskets of natural fibers, and other handmade objects return to gain space in our home.


This style offers several decoration possibilities for the environment. Just follow the initial concept of searching for handmade items.

The modality also allows more than one decoration style to be used to compose the space. For example, we can tie a more rustic style and, at the same time, use more modern and sophisticated items.

This is the best part of a home’s decor: make it of your taste, with furniture, colors, and objects that tell your story.

Check out in this article some tips on handmade style and learn how to decorate your home in a more welcoming and original way.

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Handmade decoration: What is it?

The handmade decoration is about the appreciation of handmade works that provide a sense of welcome and originality for the space. By opting for this style, we can count on a huge amount of options in colors, materials, and tools.

With the advancement of technology, manual techniques were left aside. But as the need to impose our personality and personal tastes, the handmade trend has come to show that, using creativity and handmade items, can bring originality to your home.

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In addition, some people began to think more about the possibility of using a more sustainable and natural decoration. This concern has been widely used in furniture such as chairs, tables, and lamps.

The use of plants has also become very common both in outdoor and indoor areas. This trend is also included in the handmade style and provides the environment with a sense of comfort and contact with nature. And to promote this contact, the possibilities go beyond the use of plants. It is also worth using items such as bamboo, stone, straw and ceramics, which can have the same purpose.

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How to apply handmade decoration?

Precisely because of the various decoration options, the handmade style allows the use of creativity to be worked in conjunction with personal taste. To use this form of decoration, the most important concept to be considered is the valorization of hand-made works that establish the identity of the space to be decorated.

When we talk about handmade decoration, we also talk about originality, as this style allows you to think of ways of decoration that are away from the normal standards. In addition, the use of creativity is also a key piece to adopt this style.

To decorate the environment using the handmade style, we can make use not only of furniture but also of handmade objects. For example, items such as crochet, woodwork, and embroidery are handmade pieces that, if used harmoniously, can provide the environment with a feeling of warmth.

Importance of valuing the artisanal process

After being widely used in the fashion business, the handmade style also gained space in the decoration field and, with this, began to promote the appreciation of handmade works and that give the environment an extra charm.

Undoubtedly, the handmade came to rescue some forgotten concepts because of technology. Besides that, many people are opting for more sustainable ways, making it possible to join between personal taste and the importance of purchasing manually produced items.

Another important factor to be taken into account about the artisanal process is the feeling of well-being that furniture or objects provide the space, because they escape the more industrialized style, promoting more lightness and originality for the space, especially because they are exclusive pieces.


Examples of items that can be applied in the handmade style

In the image below we can see the use of macrame, a handmade technique that has once again became a trend to compose the decoration of spaces and that can be used to make various objects. Although it is an old technique, it is important to emphasize that, contrary to what is thought, it is a technique that is far from obsolete.

Investing in handmade items has become an increasingly common practice and, with this, items such as crochet and macrame have once again become a trend in our homes. There are many options of decorative objects that can be made through crochet and macrame. Using these items to decorate or make bean bags, plant support, lighting fixture, furniture accessories, place mats, among others, can be a subtle form of decoration, but it provides a feeling of well-being to the environment.

The handmade trend allows the rustic style to be adopted along with a more sophisticated style. With this, we can use creativity to mix more than one style to decorate our home.

Advantages of adopting handmade style

Undoubtedly, embracing the handmade style to decorate your home brings together several advantages, and some have already been shown in this article. Check in detail what advantages are included:

  • Valorization of craftsmanship: with the advancement of technology, manual techniques were left a little aside, with this, the possibility of valuing handmade works provided by the handmade style is extremely important;
  • Get unique pieces: certainly, the opportunity to have exclusive pieces in the space can make it with a firm identity, thus contributing to the space being personalized and original;
  • A lot of options available: without a doubt, being able to count on the most diverse possibilities to decorate the space is a very significant factor, don’t you agree? This is another benefit provided by the handmade style;
  • Development of creativity: considering that the development of creativity is a very important factor for our brain to remain active, it is also important to know that the handmade style allows creativity to be exercised, even if the pieces are not made by you;
  • Originality: The handmade style allows us to escape from decoration standars, thus adopting a more unique and personalized style for our home.