How about betting on wallpaper on the decor?

In decoration, the walls represent a significant part of the space, so it is necessary to be careful how to make them elements that add to compose the environment.

Whether through colors, textures or prints, you can take advantage of the walls to include visually interesting details in your decor.

Among the many options for decorating the walls is the wallpaper that provides in a practical way a true transformation for various environments.

If you are still not sure about this decorating feature, then check out how wallpaper can be your great ally.

What is wallpaper

Used to cover and decorate walls, the wallpaper can be self adhesive or need a specific glue to adhere to the surfaces.

Found in various materials such as cellulose, vinyl, TNT and 3D, wallpaper is a material that offers a wide range of options in colors, textures, and prints to adorn the walls.

How to choose wallpaper

Like any item that will be part of the decoration, the wallpaper should be chosen carefully to blend in with the rest of the house.

Look at the colors, textures and what elements are part of your decor and choose that wallpaper that can visually contribute to your environment.

Where to put wallpaper

The wallpaper is excellent for decorating the living or dining room, the bedroom and even the entrance hall or toilet. The following are some options on where to put the wallpaper.

Wallpaper in the living room

The first place where wallpaper can work is the TV or living room, either on a free wall or where the rack is positioned, the colors, textures and prints of the wallpaper can make a big difference.

Wallpaper in dining room

The dining room wall is the ideal place to venture with elements with personality and style. In the dining room there is usually a free wall or with a side table or buffet, take advantage of this space to place a wallpaper that stands out.

Wallpaper in the bedroom

In the bedroom, the wallpaper can be positioned on the bedside wall or in a space where there is a dressing table or reading corner.

In the bedroom, it is important to opt for colors and prints that match the rest of the decor and that give a relaxing feeling, since it will be in an environment where rest is crucial.

Wallpaper in the office

To complement the home office decor, wallpaper can be an excellent ally. Opt for a color that brings focus and tranquility, since this is a space where you should be productive.

Wallpaper in the bathroom or toilet

Yes, you can bet on wallpaper to create a bathroom or toilet full of personality. This environment allows the use of more daring prints and colors, as well as the use of 3D wallpaper that simulates tiles.

Wallpaper in the entrance hall

If you are looking for something to make your entrance hall more interesting, wallpaper may be the solution. In this space you can also use some more flashy prints and colors and show a lot of personality.

How to put wallpaper

The installation of wallpaper can be carried out by a professional, but if you want, you can also do with your own hands.

In the case of cellulose wallpaper, which is applied with a specific glue and can form bubbles if not well placed, it is indicated the hiring of a professional.

In the case of self adhesive wallpaper, the application is simpler and you can do on your own, just follow the following steps:

1 – Take the measurements

It is important to measure the space where you intend to apply the wallpaper before buying it. Rest assured that you will acquire enough quantity and remember: it is always better to have remains than to lack.

2 – Have the materials handy

To make the application it is important to have in hand: tape measurer, scissors, exacto knife, a ruler or spatula and a ladder.

3 – Cutting the wallpaper

The wallpaper is usually sold in roll and has a width of about 50 cm. Measure the height of the wall where you will apply it and cut strips leaving an extra space of 10 cm to 20 cm.

4 – Attention to prints

If you opt for a patterned wallpaper template, make sure that each strip you will put should fit together with the previous one.

5 – Start from top to bottom

Climb the ladder and take off about 10 cm from the adhesive. Attach to the highest point of the wall and start passing the ruler or spatula over the paper to fix well and prevent bubbles from forming.

Then with the ruler or spatula, continue smoothing the paper and taking off the adhesive with the movements, ensuring that it sticks to the wall from top to bottom. Do this until you reach the ground or footer and cut the excess.

Attention, if you don’t have a ladder, be very careful not to use as support something that does not give you safety and end up causing an accident.

6 – Strip per strip

Repeat the previous step strip by strip until you reach the end of the wall.

All set to renew?

If you liked the idea of renewing your decor with wallpaper, use our tips to put this plan into action.

Then tell us the result of this experience !!