Master bedroom lighting

When decorating a master bedroom, many factors must be taken into account, among them: comfort, aesthetics, storage space for clothes and shoes, and the residents’ preferences.

Among so many details, there is one that cannot be forgotten: the lighting in the master bedroom.

When planning the lighting of a room it is necessary to think about more than one light source, allowing for variations according to the needs.

Every moment of the day calls for different lighting and it is always important to think about using as much natural light as possible.

So that you can understand the importance of planning the lighting of the master bedroom, we have prepared a few incredible tips that will help you make your room more beautiful and cozy.

Warm light x Cold light

Temperature is one of the most important factors when planning the master bedroom lighting.

There are three types of temperature:

  • Warm
  • Neutral
  • Cold

Each of them is responsible for transmitting different feelings, so it is important to know how and where to use them, since each one serves a different goal.

Warm light

The warm light has a yellowish tone and therefore triggers a feeling of comfort and well-being.

It is ideally used in spaces where the main goal is to create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere as the master bedroom.

Neutral and cold light

Neutral and cold lights, known as white light, should be used in environments where concentration and focus are needed, such as in the office or kitchen.

Direct x indirect lightning

When planning lighting you can opt for direct or indirect light, this is a way to create different atmospheres and compose a more interesting lighting.

Direct lighting

Direct lighting consists of a direct light source, projecting uniform light into the space.

Indirect lighting

Indirect lighting allows specific objects or spaces to be highlighted, this way designig the room lighting. This type of lighting is usually created by a lamp or luminaire.

Main lighting

Deciding the main lighting is the first step in planning the lighting in the master bedroom.

If you opt for a main light source, it should be centered in the ceiling to ensure equal light throughout the room. If you choose LEDs along the ceiling, they should also ensure full and equal lighting of the room.

Options for main light:


Paflons are a type of luminaire that can be installed in the ceiling to achieve direct, indirect or diffuse lighting, depending on the material.


The chandelier is a piece that must be centrally positioned in the ceiling of the room. It has several light bulbs and light up the room in different ways depending on its design.

With options ranging from unadorned to elegant, the chandelier can make the decor more personal.

Secondary lighting

Having more than one lighting option in the bedroom is indispensable. After all, depending on the time of day you will need a different light intensity.

The following are some secondary lighting options for the bedroom.


A pendant is a great option to be used either on the sides of the headboard or or a reading space.

Ideal for indirect lighting, you can use this item instead of a lamp, to highlight the furniture or an object, or to create a cozy atmosphere.


An item that does not lose its importance over the years, the luminaire can be a great option for the master bedroom lighting.

Beyond the fact that smaller models can be used on bedside tables, you can even think about the floor luminaires to create your lighting design.


A classic of bedside tables, lamps can, as well as lighting up the room, they can add colors and textures to your decor.

With options in a variety of materials, sizes and shapes, the lamp does more than light up a space, it is a decoration item.

LED strips

LED strips can be placed at various points in the bedroom to create indirect lighting with lots of style and personality.

Whether under the bed, behind the TV or mirror and even on the plaster ceiling, the LED stripes provide comfortable and a different lighting.

Creativity into lightning

Functionality and style can go together when it comes to lighting. In order to meet the needs of the couple and still create a space with a lot of personality through lighting.

Changing the lighting of the bedroom or adding light spots does not cost so much and can make a difference in the decor. Use the tips you’ve learned about master bedroom lighting and transform your environment with lots of light options.