How to decorate a balcony efficiently

Anyone who is lucky enough to have a balcony, knows the potential that the often small space can have. Regardless of the size of the balcony or the function you want for it, there are some tricks to make it even more special. Even more in times of social isolation, having a little contact with the outside world is reason to celebrate. Therefore, your balcony deserves to be highly valued – and decorated.

As much as it ends up being left out without a project of its own, decorating a balcony does not have to be a very difficult task – quite the opposite! With a few simple solutions, you can transform your balcony efficiently.

Know how:

More green, please

With an outdoor space available, the first thing to do is bring a little bit of nature closer. In addition to making the space visually more pleasant, the plants provide greater well-being for residents. And there are several ways to put this tip into practice! For those who want a more elaborate aesthetic, a vertical garden can be a great option. For those looking for ease, including some pots with different species of plants can already bring the necessary green to the space. Still, it is possible to make the balcony more functional and fragrant by turning these pots into a small kitchen garden to grow some spices. There is still the option to merge the two tips, making your space a true urban jungle.

Colors and textures

Nothing better than colors and textures to bring more comfort to a space. Cushions and rugs are largely responsible for fulfilling this mission. The tip is to mix colors and prints for a unique and very authentic result. To increase the feeling of coziness, you can bet on pieces made in crochet or knitting, two decoration trends, such as supports for plant pots or even blankets for chairs and armchairs.

Do It Yourself

Following the tip above, if you have manual skills and free time, you can start by doing some pieces of knitting or crochet. If you are looking for something simpler, the tip is to take a look at the decorative pieces that no longer make so much sense in other areas of the house – they can be great for the balcony! As an example, pots can become great terrariums! In case you want new materials, pallets are still a good option for creating benches or tables.

New floor without a mess

Have you ever wanted to change the floor of your balcony but gave up thinking about the work, the expenses and the mess that the change would make? Then you can get excited about the idea again! A great option – and that has everything to do with outdoor spaces – is the floor made of wooden decks. The material found in construction stores is very easy to fit and only needs a sealing base to protect the floor and increase its durability. The tip is to measure your balcony before buying the floor to avoid clipping, work that is recommended to be done by a professional.

No need to run away from coatings

Like floors, the word coatings usually scares people who are staying away from moving, but it doesn’t have to be that way! In addition to being cost-effective, many coatings are quick and economical ways to change a space. Among the easiest coatings are paint, adhesives and 3D coatings, which have an adhesive glue that facilitates application. Framed paintings and pictures can also serve as good decorative elements for the wall. As much as it is a slightly more laborious option, tiles are also great alternatives to create a new look while spending little money.