How to transform a room in a few days

After spending days in isolation at home due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many looked for decoration ways to renew the space that began to spend a large – or all – part of their day. As the house became a space for leisure and work, many had a lot of time to observe every detail of the space. And this is where discomfort arises: the desire to change everything.

(Photo: 1comodo).

It is not surprising how many people have remodeled the kitchen, painted the walls, or just changed the rugs and cushions on the living room sofa. Small changes have already given a breath and the feeling of being in a new place. And it was because of this desire to suddenly change a space that 1comodo emerged. In fact, the startup created by Gustavo Pozzato emerged to create “instagrammable” spaces for influencers who had to create content at home. Best of all, 1comodo makes a complete transformation in just 10 days. If the deadline is not met, the money is returned.

1comodo remodeled

According to Pozzato, the idea is to use process management for quick, assertive reforms and with professional help, a point that avoids the losses and frustrations of when we try to do some reform on our own.

(Photo: 1comodo).

The work of 1comodo functions as follows: when accessing the website, the client informs what he wants to reform and the budget for the work. In up to seven days, the startup presents a project and, once approved, moves on to the last stage: the execution of the work in up to 10 working days. The work relies on the help of technology to safely uncomplicate the world of reforms – which often ends up creating a lot of stress.

How to start

Do you want a spoiler of the work done by 1comodo? Pozzato has put together some tips so that you can start to redesign that space that you can’t take anymore.

The first tip is to bet on a new painting – and preferably one with a matte finish. “If there are defects in the walls, the matte paint tends to hide”, explains the Construtech creator. Another point of attention is with lighting. According to him, LED profiles are great options to completely change a space. The suggestion is to place it near shelves or on furniture and bet on RGB lighting. “It’s cool to exchange colors and film sets,” explains Pozzato about the different possibilities for good lighting.

Of course, the details already make a good difference, but often a more radical change is needed, such as changing furniture. But you don’t have to worry about spending a lot or having to do a major makeover for that. “Nowadays there is a lot of ready-made furniture that follows the most industrial style. They are easy to use in the decoration because they are very flexible ”, explains Pozzato. In addition, this model of furniture enables a space full of personality.

Finally, the tip of the creator of 1comodo is to bet on objects with great decorative weight. “There are really cool sites, like Westwing, where we can get really nice decorative objects”, delivers Pozzato, who still indicates one object in particular: the lamp that is hung by a wooden hand from Fubbá, a small and low solution cost.