Iconic chairs that can transform a space


When decorating a space, you often need to put a “cherry on the cake” and here’s an option that works for all styles: an iconic chair with style, good taste and history.

Some designers went down in history by creating iconic furniture, recognized worldwide and that can give a space the special touch to its décor that it was missing.

Next, check out, in chronological order, six iconic chairs for you to decide which one can complete your décor.

Wassily Chair

Wassily Chair

Created in 1925 by Marcel Breuer, the Wassily Chair is an icon of the Bauhaus style, which is based on a functional design.

The chair has functional and simple shapes, it was the first to use tubular steel, bringing to furniture accessible materials with lightness and simplicity.


Barcelona Chair

Known worldwide, the Barcelona Chair has been successful since its first appearance in 1929, presented by Ludwing Mies Van der Rohe at the German Pavilion for the Barcelona International Exposition.

The chair has chrome on steel frame and straight lines, printing elegance, being one of the most recognized design objects of the last century.


Butterfly Chair

Presented in 1938 by Antoni Bonet, Juan Kurchan, and Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy, the Butterfly chair received a MoMa award in 1941 for its innovative design.

The chair has a simple but contemporary design, with a lightweight metal frame and a unique suspended fabric structure.

Womb Chair

womb chair

The name of this chair refers to the womb, making an analogy to the comfort of babies in the womb of their mothers. With comfort and warmth as its main concept, the chair was created in 1948 by designer Eero Saarinen at the request of designer Florecen Knoll.

The chair gained the attention and appreciation of the public for presenting an innovative design to the standards of the 40s, being recognized as one of the most comfortable chairs in the world.

Lounge Chair

lounge chair

The couple Charles and Ray Eames were responsible for the creation of several iconic chairs, and the Lounge Chair, presented in 1956, the ultimate symbol of comfort among their creations.

Egg Chair

Egg chair

The name of this furniture icon refers to its unusual oval shape, which results from studies by creator Arne Jacobsen in 1958.

The Egg Chair was designed for the lobby of a luxury hotel and has become one of the greatest symbols of world furniture.

Made of a cast aluminum frame and fiberglass seat, the chair explores more technological materials at the time.

Now, which one are you going to use in your décor?