Intelligent urban solutions

In a privileged location of the mountains of Espírito Santo, the ORCHIDS project arise.
Bungalows Resort & Spa, where we incorporate biophilic design into the project. A concept that comes from the affinity of human beings for the natural world. In this sense, maintaining a healthy habitat around the built infrastructure and the Atlantic forest that surrounds the 606,000m2 of the enterprise went beyond functionality.

Smart solutions

Everything here is of extraordinary value:

The project, the Region and the sophistication of the combination of Biophilia, luxury, technology, art, design, harmony, and privacy, prevails throughout the Resort project and provides among other items: integration between lakes, accessibility, natural pool, views of nature and organic items.

Intelligent urban solutions


The project has unprecedented urban combinations in the region, such as
Bungalows over flooded waters, with guaranteed circulation, whether
by surrounding walkways or through the channels. Circulation between
visual horizons also for cyclists.

Integration of leisure, health, wellness, natural lighting and materials
such as hollow concrete blocks by orchids, a symbol of the region and name of the project.

The monumental sophistication of the Resort puts ORCHIDS in the spotlight of
world architecture.

Urban solutions

The result is a positive environmental impact, through the rational use of
available natural resources.

Why is Orchids a luxury?

. Bungalows with a private pool designed for you to enjoy an inspiring atmosphere

. Urbanism: The sustainable project had as its basic criterion the respect for the fauna and flora of the region

. Helipad for small aircrafts is one of the exclusive features of the project

. Exclusive leisure, health and wellness Spa with 5 rooms for relaxation, showers with a resting space, dry and wet sauna integrated to the heated pool and Beauty Center

Smart solutions salon

. An exclusive Health & Club concept to vitalize body and mind

. Social and Cultural Space convention center with space for 650 people, cinema room for 60 people.

Smart Solutions Party Room

Leisure and entertainment in one place!

Smart Spa

. Pools

The project values natural spaces, being one of the planned pools
in a sustainable way, with natural water channeled from an existing waterfall on site.

Smart solutions

. Gourmet Space

The resort’s structure has 4 restaurants, 2 of which are Gourmet scans with a panoramic
view and an integrated wine cellar, for you to travel through experiences flavors. The project also has a cafeteria, delicatessen, and shops.

Gourmet Space

For the grandeur and sophistication the design of Orchids Bungalows Resort &
Spa is the newest addition to the International Portfolio Office. Here, nature and luxury blend and revere those who are enchanted by them.

All thought out for you and your family.

Thus, architecture, art, design, furniture, and nature recreate a universal aesthetic language.