It is possible to have a comfortable and elegant sofa and we can prove it

The sofa is a piece of furniture that brings interaction and comfort to your living room. It is essential that this piece composes the décor, but also be cozy for the whole family.

Many people make the mistake when buying a sofa, and prioritize beauty by leaving comfort aside or the other way around.

Make a complete plan before you start choosing the sofa of your décor.

Choose the ideal size and model

Whatever the space, calculate the size well. When planning to buy a sofa, think about the type of furniture you want, but make all the measurements of the room.

The sofa can be used against the wall, in the center of the living room, in offices and even as armchairs.

The L-sofa goes very well with large spaces because it does not disrupt the circulation and passage, some models are still retractable.

Sofa beds can be used in TV rooms, in the guest room or in smaller rooms.

Beauty, comfort and style

The sofa is the business card of the house and the central point in a room, so you need to choose this furniture with a style that is your face.

The place you live in should reflect your personality and style in everything, whether in the decoration of the bed, kitchen or sofa.

It is essential to choose a sofa that is beautiful and harmonizes with the room but prioritize a comfortable sofa.

The choice of colors

Beige shades are always in evidence, and the trends of the moment are shades of gray and blue.

The colors of the sofa depend heavily on its material. Leather sofas often have a reduced color palette, while fabrics such as linen and suede provide a greater variation and colors.

When defining the colors of your sofa, analyze the style of your space and choose the one that best harmonizes with the context.

Choosing the material

At the time of purchase, an essential factor to be taken into account is the material of the sofa.

A fabric that brings softness and soft textures make the sofa more attractive and cozy.

Cotton, suede and velvet are very comfortable options.

Leather or fabric?

Pay attention to the decoration of the room that will get the sofa.

The choice of leather or fabric is a personal matter and has its pros and cons.

Leather is super easy to clean, but during winter the leather sofas are cold.

Fabrics are harder to clean, but bring a lot of comfort and texture options, besides being more cozy.

The most comfortable fabrics are suede, twill, velvet and chenille, however, when cleaning, are not as practical as leather.

Linen is one of the most popular fabrics, by aesthetic appeal and for being a natural material.

Retractable sofa models

The possibility of the retractable system makes this piece of furniture a great choice in terms of comfort and space utilization.

This piece is often found in TV rooms or home theater.

Retractable sofas can be found in a wide variety of models and sizes, and for sure, you will find an ideal one for you.

Make sure the measurements of the sofa you choose and how much it slides, not to be an uncomfortable furniture or that will make it difficult to pass in the room.

L-models usually have the retractable option and can occupy those corners that go unused, but do not look good in very small spaces.

In addition, for those who have room for this model of sofa, wins more seats in the room.

There are a multitude of options and models of sofas on the market.

Following your taste and our tips, it will be easy to choose the ideal sofa for you.

Choose a sofa to gather all family or friends to chat or watch a good movie.

The sofa is a piece of furniture that unites people.