Teenager’s bedroom: the kids have grown up, what now?

The bedrooms are the most intimate rooms of the house and should be decorated in a way that is pleasant and cozy for those who will live there.

The ideal is to decorate each room of the residence according to the personality of its owner.

Decorating a teenage bedroom is not an easy task, as this is a phase between childhood and adulthood.

How to compose the bedroom

The basic furniture for a teenage bedroom consists of a bed, closets, and a space to study, it is also important to have some room in the space for the young to receive friends.

Watch out for room size and take measurements on the walls, built-in-furniture, and windows to find out the exact size of the furniture and objects that will fill your teenage bedroom.

Make sure the room has a desk for reading, using the computer, or even getting ready to go out.

Plan the decoration with your child

Children grow up fast and in adolescence are already able to help you in decorating and think about the best way to make the room with your own tastes and styles.

For a teenager, their bedroom, besides being beautiful and comfortable, should provide welcome, tranquility, and freedom.

Nothing more welcoming than a beautiful, organized room and the taste of those who sleep there.

Teenage girl bedroom


If you want traditional décor, use lilac and pink tones combined with neutral tones such as beige and white.

The most popular decoration for a teenager’s bedroom is to blend delicate and adult elements.

Another very strong trend in 2020 is to contrast neutral walls with one of the wall in bright and attractive colors such as blue or red.

It is essential to take care of the choice of the style of the décor, whether the bedroom will be classic, rustic, contemporary, minimalist or even modern with industrial style.

Teenage boy bedroom


In conservative tradition, as well as in women’s decoration, the young teenager’s bedroom is usually decorated with shades of green, blue, and shades more associated with the male universe.

But of course, you can break outdated stereotypes and opt for another color palette.

The most used colors in the male room are the cool colors, they make the atmosphere warm and receptive.

Furniture, niches, wooden shelves, and burnt cement fall right into a teenager’s bedroom, you can even opt for a brick wall on display for a feeling of comfort and warmth.

Colors for teen bedroom

For a teenage bedroom, the tendency is to paint with a different color that draws attention and that contrast with the other rooms, opting for a more personalized color.

Neutral shades are also recommended, depending on the furniture and their personality.

With mild tones, you can create a chromatic space with paintings, or photos on the wall to create a contemporary and sophisticated look.

Stickers are very popular and work well when the intention is to take the monotony on walls of neutral colors.

You can even opt for a neutral wall, but bring paintings with images or photos to create a different aesthetic.

In a teen bedroom, creating at least one prominent wall makes the space more modern.

Another solution to give color to the room are wallpapers that are easy to apply or remove and bring a modern touch to the space.

In addition to these options, you can invest in a chalkboard wall, which provides a modern and functional look and even allow you to use your creativity through drawings and phrases.