Learn about an organization method to wrap up the year with everything organized

Getting the house organized is a daily task, however, making a super organization at least once a year is critical.

How about taking advantage of the last days of the year to get to know an amazing method of organization and wrap up the year with everything in order?

Next, understand the method that is succeeding around the world and that can help you put everything in its place.

KonMarie MethodMarie Kondo

Marie Kondo

The Japanese Marie Kondo became famous because of her book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and even more well known worldwide when her method became a series on Netflix, with Marie Kondo herself helping families organize their homes.

Among her teachings, Marie Kondo teaches the importance of detachment from self-questioning whether each object brings happiness and whether or not to keep it

If, when you take an object in your hand, you feel that it does not bring you happiness anymore, you should let go of it, but before discarding it, you should thank it for the time it served you.

The method is divided into 5 categories:

  1. Write a list

All items in your home must be classified and placed in one of these 5 categories, so you can better understand the function and location of each of them.



It is essential that in shared wardrobes the spaces are divided and each one is responsible for their share.

To start organizing the clothes, the first step is to stack all of them on the bed, so that in this way you can visualize everything you have.

After doing this, take each piece of clothing in your hand and do the exercise of detachment by asking yourself whether or not it brings you happiness and choosing to get rid of what no longer makes you happy, but don’t forget to thank you first.

2 – Books


When organizing your books, it is important to put them in the same place, preventing them from getting scattered around the house.

3 – Drawers


The spaces inside drawers can be better organized when using small organizer boxes, preventing objects from getting mixed.

The creator of the method itself does not encourage items to be purchased to organize, after all, the method serves for you to get rid of excesses and not accumulate new objects.

To separate your things, reuse gift boxes and other items you already have in your home.

4 – Papers

Papers must be separated between:



5 – Objects of sentimental value


Objects that have sentimental value should be analyzed last, since the decision of what to do with them may take a little longer.

Understanding the importance of what you have and avoiding accumulating objects that no longer bring you happiness are the main goals of this method.

By applying it, you will certainly feel an instant difference in your home, which will become more organized, but also more functional for your routine.

Isn’t this a great way to start the year?