Marble in decor: elegance and resistance for your house

If there is a material capable of ensuring elegance and sophistication in an environment, it is marble.

Besides being visually sophisticated, marble has an incomparable resistance, ideal to be used in luxury properties that require high-end finishes.


The material is usually used mainly in kitchens and bathrooms, but in bolder projects can be found in the living room, stairs, and even in furniture and decorative objects.

Below, check out why marble is such a noble material and how to use it in various ways.

Where the marble comes from

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Marble is a metamorphic rock, usually found in volcanic regions, where structures formed from physical and chemical processes that involved high pressures and temperatures.

Marble in decor

There are records of marble being used as decorative material thousands of years ago by the Egyptians.

marble in decoration

Earlier, the material was used by the Greeks, gaining even more adherents during the Middle Ages and consolidating itself as a material for building finishes in Renaissance.

The nobility of marble has made architects around the world continue to use the material in various spaces and styles of decoration.

Marble ensures sophistication by being discreet and bold at the same time.

The formations of marble mine shafts are unique, which guarantees even more personality to the material.

Why use marble in decoration

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Although marble requires a higher budget, it provides elegance and endurance for the property.

One of the factors that make a property considered luxurious is the use of materials of the highest quality, so if you are looking for ways to value a luxury property, investing in marble is a great idea.

Where to use marble


There are several possibilities to use marble in the décor. The material is excellent for coatings and countertops in bathrooms and kitchens, but can also be used in other ways, such as on stairs.

stairs Marble

The fireplace is another place where marble can be used, highlighting and valuing such a glamorous part of the house.


A reading space can be very charming next to a fireplace decorated with marble.

Even the decoration of a commercial property can reflect a lot of elegance and sophistication with a marble finish, offering, above all, resistance to this space.

The use of marble in furniture and even decorative objects has proved to be a strong decor trend.

marble bathroom

Used in small details, the material can give personality and style to various spaces.

Marble care in decoration

Although marble is a sturdy material, it needs some care to maintain its appearance and durability.

The material may be damaged if exposed to constant scratches, knocks, and the use of abrasive products for cleaning.

Climactic factors such as rain and constant pollution can also damage the finish, so when placing it in outdoor areas, be sure to keep the finish protected.

If you are looking for a noble material that imprints sophistication and elegance for space and, on top of that, is durable, marble may be the perfect choice.