Ski Resorts with luxury and glamour: Come live this experience!


Comfort, glamour, and refinement are features easily found in ski resorts located on the European continent.

The ski slopes are the main attractions but are not the only entertainment options for tourists.

The refined hotel structure, renowned restaurants, and pleasant nightlife are also included in the package.

Let’s get to know a little more about the most famous seasons of the moment!

Luxury ski resorts for you to get to know

Klosters, Switzerland

ski stations

The Swiss station is commonly frequented by the royal family and has assiduous users Prince Charles, William and his wife Kate Middleton. The bars and restaurants that are around the station are also full of elegance and sophistication. Can you imagine skiing side by side or having a snack right by royalty?

The hotel closest to the station is also chosen by the royal family during skiing. Walserhof is a friendly hotel, extremely well located and very well frequented. The décor is rustic, with a hearty menu and highly praised by tourists.

Courchevel, France


Considered the most luxurious ski resort in the world, Courchevel offers several options of slopes, according to the level of knowledge and the preference of the visitor. There are slopes for beginners, intermediates, and for those who prefer cross-country skiing, a kind of ski walking.

All hotels in the French station are on the edge of the slopes and access to the entire structure of the region is done skiing. No need to carry your skis around.

Speaking of which, the hotel chain is extremely luxurious. To give you an idea, almost all 5-star hotels in France are concentrated in Courchevel.

Palace hotels are a separate attraction not only because of the incredible design but also for the services offered such as fantastic spas, swimming pools, and snow decorations. The exquisite food complements the luxury of the place proving that the title sustained by the French station is indeed real.

St. Moritz, Switzerland

ski stations

This is one of the most traditional ski resorts in Switzerland that also carries other adjectives such as elegance, luxury, refinement, fame, and success.

Sophistication is everywhere: luxury hotels, award-winning restaurants, designer brands present in shops, houses designed by great architects, castles and more.

The station has over 88 tracks, also for all levels, and an amazing frozen lake to bring together local sports competitions such as cricket, polo and, believe me, horse racing.

shallow focus photography of multicolored snowboard

The hotels are of a high standard, some from the 19th century, with impeccable services and that make any visitor feel like a star. The structure is complete to serve not only adults but children as well.

Because they are old and traditional properties, these hotels carry a lot of history since their foundation which also contributes to a meaningful experience.

Cortina D’Ampezzo, Italy


Cortina is part of the skiable area of the Dolomite Mountains and is Italy’s most famous ski resort. One of the most important events in the sport is scheduled to take place there. It is the Alpine Ski World Championships that should move the small village in 2021.

The station serves well all levels of skiers, as well as children who can also count on a children’s décor and two ski slopes totally dedicated to them.

To stay during the trip, they could not sit out the luxurious hotels and resorts of Italy combining sophistication and tradition.

Rosapetra offers an incredible sunset in an unusual color: pink. Hence the name of the hotel. The place was designed by designer Carlo Samarati and the restaurant overlooks the impressive Dolomite mountains.

Another hotel that guarantees an unforgettable experience is Cristallo Resort & Spa. In addition to luxury and refinement is a hotel with a lot of tradition and fame. Over 100 years old, it has hosted icons such as Brigitte Bardot and had her accommodations as part of films such as 007 and The Pink Panther.


The hotel’s décor is equally exuberant. Soft colors, exquisite objects, traditional and sophisticated style, and extremely comfortable rooms.

Nothing better than combining elegance, nature, tradition, and comfort, right?

All this you can find in the luxurious ski resorts around the world.

Now just choose yours and enjoy this moment so pleasant and long-awaited by lovers of winter sports.

snow covered mountain during daytime