Spectacular pool designs

There is nothing like enjoying a good swim in the pool to relax both body and mind, and cool off on warmer days.

With that in mind, we’ve gathered for you some spectacular pools.

At the edge of the city

The infinity pool is undoubtedly one of the most popular and fascinating designs in the aesthetic aspect.

One of the world’s most famous infinity pools is located in Thailand and is located at the Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore.


In addition to displaying a beautiful design on its edge, the swimming pool sits at the top of the hotel and its edges provide a wonderful view of Singapore’s city skyline.

The project follows the entire length of 150 meters of the building.

Infinite edge overlooking the sea

Another example of spectacular infinity is the swimming pool of hotel Villa Mahal in Turkey.


With a more than privileged location, the edge is confused with the turquoise blue of the Turkish sea.

Ubud Hanging Gardens

Have you ever swam in a suspended pool?

This impressive two-story design coated in volcanic stone hangs in the middle of the Bali jungle.

The feeling is to float over the forest and swim above the treetops and mountains.


Natural swimming pool with beach sand

If you are looking for a spectacular and relaxing getaway the best option is a natural pool.

In addition to beautiful and harmonic, they merge with the landscapes and create these pools that work without chlorine or chemicals, only using gravel, stones and plants that filter and purify water.

Get to know the natural pool with sand from the beach of Hotel Hurricane in Jericoacoara, Ceará.

A natural pool uses organic elements around it to blend in with the landscape and create natural spaces.

This swimming pool uses the charm of its entire seaside surroundings to harmonize with the space in a beautiful and daring design.

In the middle of the Atlantic

On the island of São Miguel in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, in the Azores region, belonging to Portugal is the Furnas Boutique Hotel.

Its indoor and outdoor pools have thermal waters that reach up to 40 degrees celcius.


The hotel is situated in the largest concentration of thermal waters in Europe.

On top of that, it offers one of the largest spa spaces in the world, with treatment rooms ranging from massages to facial and body care, as well as reflexology, sauna, and thermal circuit.


Thermal water in the midst of the falls

The thermal pool model is built to receive the hot water from the groundwater, located more than 500 meters below the ground, going through a natural heating process.

Mabu Thermas Grand Resort is located in Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná, near the Guarani Aquifer and has the only beach in the region.


Nothing more pleasant and relaxing than a swimming pool with thermal water.

The pressure in the groundwater area causes the water to return to the surface at a sufficient speed so that there is no loss of temperature.


Swimming in the Swiss Alps

Located in Adelboden, a typical Swiss village, this swimming pool in the middle of the mountains is breathtaking.

At 1350 metres of altitude, this paradise in the Alps is a popular destination for romantic and family trips.

The ever-warm waters and impressive infinity edge of Hotel Cambrian’s outdoor pool accompany a surreal view of the Swiss Alps.

During the summer, the mountainous landscape of the region is jaw-dropping.


There are many spectacular pools around the world, and it is worth paying attention to this detail when choosing a destination or a hotel.

What now? Did you get that urge to go swimming?