The celebrity millionaire mansions

Numerous bedrooms, countless bathrooms, rooms that are not used: you have probably found yourself admiring celebrity millionaire mansions, right? Who has never wanted to live in one of them, at least must want to get to know the impressive constructions.

Even though ostentation has lived through its glory years since the beginning of this millennium, many celebrities are still looking for increasingly luxuriousproperties in increasingly disputed and exclusive regions: many of them located in California, USA. And those who think that it is only the Americans who are looking for immense mansions on the top of Calabasas mountains, for example, are mistaken. Many Brazilian celebrities change their country of origin for millionaire houses, such as model Alessandra Ambrosio and singer Luciano Camargo.

And when we talk about millionaires, the values are really exorbitant. If the millions are well filled when we talk about the price in dollars, it is better not even to convert to the real, right?!

Meet some millionaire mansions

Gisele Bündchen

As much as some Brazilians have already been mentioned, Gisele deserves to be highlighted. After all, she and her husband, Tom Brady, live in a mansion valued at $20 million. With about 2 thousand square meters, the property looks like a castle in the middle of Los Angeles and even has a chicken house!

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is synonymous with good deals in the real estate market. In 1988, he bought a property in Washington for $2 million. In recent years, the mansion has undergone numerous renovations and now has a library, trampoline room, artificial stream, and, amazingly: a garage for 23 cars! The improvements have now resulted in the property being valued at more than $124 million. Impressive!

Jennifer Lopez

What would you do with 13 bathrooms? The question can be answered by Jennifer Lopez, who bought a house with the impressive amount of this room for 28 million dollars. The mansion is located in Bel Air, California, and has seven rooms and even a private beach.

Justin and Hailey Bieber

In his single days, Bieber even spent $55,000 a month renting a mansion in the Trousdale neighborhood in Beverly Hills. Now, alongside his wife, Hailey, the singer moved to a property in Beverly Park valued at more than 225 million reais.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West

20 million dollars may seem like a small value when compared to the previous house, right? This was the amount paid by Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West in a mansion in Hidden Hills, California. The couple spent the same amount to carry out a renovation of the property, which today has two spas, eight fireplaces, a vineyard, and a music studio.

Kylie Jenner

The businesswoman and influencer loves to flaunt her properties. His mansion in the upscale neighborhood of Holmby Hills, California, cost about $37 million. The property measures 1,426 square meters and can be considered a true resort. The highlight of the house is the professional kitchen, the cinema, and the projection screen in the outdoor area.

Katy Perry

Many celebrities buy real estate to enjoy the family routine, but Katy Perry wanted to go further. The singer disbursed the small amount of $7.5 million to buy a house in Los Angeles exclusively to receive her guests. Surely they must be treated well there, right?

Lady Gaga

Of course, the singer could not fail to be part of the list of millionaire mansions. Lady Gaga’s mansion in Malibu is valued at $58 million and features a cinema and bowling alley.

Simon Cowell

The entrepreneur and creator of The X Factor program owns a dream mansion in Malibu, California. The house has spa, tennis court, massage room, and a beautiful view of the sea. The mansion valued at $25 million is the setting for some episodes of the reality show.

Tiger Woods

The golfer owns a beachfront mansion on Jupiter Island, Florida. In addition to paying about $ 60 million on the property, Tiger Woods also invested another 15 million to do some renovations, like including a golf course, of course.