How to make a shelf

You have heard of the Do It Yourself concept, right? The shelf is an example of this! The famous DIY has gained strength in recent years with the numerous tutorials that have dominated the internet. With them, even those who do not have many manual skills have taken the risk to prodruce their own decorative elements. Even more in times of social isolation, producing your own furniture was a great – and very useful – way to spend some time and bring more personality to your home.

Year after year, a new DIY trend, or better yet, Do It Yourself, is highlighted. Apparently, the newest trend is the shelf. Easy, it can be done in just one day and with very simple materials: rails and wood boards. And the best: it is very functional and can be placed in bedrooms, living rooms, and even offices. The result is a new look for decoration and a lot of practicality.

Hands-on: shelf

In addition to the rails and wood boards, to make the piece of furniture, you need a measuring tape, wall plugs and screws, an L bracket, and a rubber mallet.

With few materials, the hands-on part turns out to be very simple. The first step, as with any piece of furniture, is to measure the space where you will install the shelf. With that, it is already possible to specify how much material will be used. And this is where creativity can start to run wild: you choose how many shelves you want on your wall and how far apart they will be. So, understand the size of your wall and measure it so that the result looks as you imagined. Take advantage and mark with a pencil exactly the height wherever you want each shelf to be.

Now it is the most complicated part – and it is still quite easy: the installation. The rails need to be placed on the wall to then receive the L bracket supports. To install the rails, simply screw them to the wall vertically and then place the L brackets into the holes in the rails. The tip is to fix it well with a hammer.

Once the foundation has been laid, the second part of creativity needs to come into action. After all, different sizes and colors of shelves can be used on top of the rails, which can also assume different functions. As an example, the longest L brackets can serve as desks, while the shortest brackets serving as support for the shelves Regardless of the choice, boldness is valid! The tip is to use different plate sizes for a modern and deconstructed result and start positioning them from top to bottom. This way, you can get even more sense of space and whether the size of the chosen wood boards are really the most suitable.

Usefulness of the shelf

Confused with the slat wall panel, widely used in retail, the shelf brings relaxation and an industrial touch to the space.

In addition to being a simple way to completely change the decor, it still has great functionality: it helps to organize the objects of the house. As it allows flexibility in height, the furniture does not cause major damage to the wall when removed from the decoration.

One of the greatest uses for the shelf is in children’s bedrooms. It can start as a support for children’s toys and, as it grows, the furniture can easily gain height and become a desk to help with studies.

Another tip is to paint the tracks. Thus, it goes well with the most different styles of decoration.