10 master bedrooms to inspire you

The master bedroom is one of the most special rooms of a house, besides being a place where there should be comfort and warmth.

It is in the bedroom where the couple finds a refuge and rests after a workday, so it needs to convey an atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation.

The personality of each couple is shown through the decoration of the bedroom, in every detail that makes up the space and in the way it is divided.

Therefore, each piece of the master bedroom should be thought carefully, to match the preferences of each in a perfect union.

To help you decorating the master bedroom, check out below 10 bedrooms with different styles to inspire you.

1- Neutral colors and tranquility

light colors

Neutral colors and pastel shades are ideal for those looking for a quiet and peaceful master bedroom.

The calm and natural tones of this room create a space with a touch of naturalness capable of calming the couple after a tiring day.

2- Elegant and comfortable


If you do not give up elegance, know that it is possible to have comfort with great sophistication.

Imagine waking up in a room with plenty of natural light that can make anyone’s day start well.

3- Classic blue


Betting on a strong and striking tone such as the classic blue to contrast with an all-white atmosphere is an excellent way to create a stylish and personal décor.

4- Black, white and brown

double room

If you are a fan of a décor with subtle tones, but already tired of a black and white bedroom, adding a third color can be a great idea.

To serve as this third color, how about taking advantage of the shades of brown that bring a natural touch to the room and still complement the combination.

5- Farm House

farmhouse bedroom

The Farm house style is on the rise and can offer style and comfort to your bedroom.

With components that refer to life in the countryside, but without losing elegance, the style mixes rustic with sophisticated in a perfect combination.

6- Plants in decor

bedroom plants

Using plants when decorating is an excellent way to complement the elements of the bedroom bringing some of nature in.

Plants renew the air, make the space lighter, and can still be part of your daily habits, reducing the stress of everyday life.

7- Classic monochrome


Have you ever imagined putting together a classic style with a trend? This is possible with a classic style decoration and the monochrome trend in which it explores different shades of the same color in the décor.

8- Minimalist


The minimalist style is an elegant and sophisticated way of showing that less is more in the décor.

Using few elements, but perfecting the details it is possible to create a decoration with comfort and style.

9- Rustic

Double rooms

The rustic bedroom makes the most of natural elements such as wood, leather and straw to create a natural yet sophisticated space.

10- Refinement in the smallest details

double room styles

To definitely please all tastes, this bedroom has every bit of it thought about in order to be elegant and refined.

From the sturdy furnishings to the upholstered headboard, every detail is designed to make the décor sophisticated.