Christmas decoration without losing elegance


As the month of December approaches and with it, Christmas, shops, streets, and houses start to put out Christmas lights and colors. It’s the magic of the most enjoyable time of the year!

Christmas decorations are full of clichés and can end up falling into a trap by placing snowmen with scarves in your home may be easier than it sounds.

But believe me, it is possible to create a Christmas decoration with style and sophistication and bringing home the Christmas spirit with great elegance.

Here are some ways to bring Christmas to your home and get the family together to celebrate this joyful time of year.

Entrance door


How about entering your home in the Christmas spirit? With the Christmas decoration at the entrance door, you announce right on arrival that “here lives a happy family”.

Pine trees, a beautiful garland and a themed doormat are just a few options you can use in your Christmas decoration at the front door.

Another suggestion is to hang metalized balls and rely on luminaires to create an even more playful environment.

Decorated handrail


Does your house have stairs? This can be the perfect place to put Christmas decorations very stylishly.

Take advantage of the handrail to place Christmas elements without changing the original decoration of your home.

The slope of the handrail is an excellent base for hanging ornaments and foliage. If possible, use this space as a background for your Christmas tree.

For homes that have a free space by the stairs, this can be the perfect place to put gifts and Christmas elements.

Invest in metallic tones


If your idea of Christmas decoration does not include classic colors like red and green, you can bet on a glamorous decoration in metallic tones.

Gold is a classic Christmas decoration with a touch of sophistication, but if you want to innovate you can opt for rose gold, a metallic pink tone that makes any space elegant.

Match with your decor


One of the ways to make an elegant Christmas decoration is to make it match with the other elements of your home.

In order for this to happen, you can take advantage of colors, prints, and textures that are already in the decoration of Christmas ornaments.

If your home has a high prevalence of white, for example, you can invest in a pine tree decorated with white ornaments that will perfectly match with your décor.

Gather the family and make it happen


The magic of Christmas is about getting closer to the family and enjoying this time alongside those we love the most.

Therefore, bringing together family members to put out Christmas decorations is a moment that everyone waits for all year round and will certainly be in the memory of each family member.

Tell us which Christmas decoration you liked the most and how you prepare your house right now!