5 luxurious kitchens to inspire you

The kitchen is one of the most used spaces of the house and therefore should be thought of very carefully to meet the needs of the family.

In a luxury kitchen the space, functionality, and, above all, comfort are fundamental characteristics.

The style of decoration of the house is reflected in different ways in the kitchen, with that in mind, we have made a list of 5 luxurious kitchens with the most diverse styles, certainly one of them will be of your taste.

Modern Kitchen

modern kitchen

The main characteristics of contemporary style are guided by functionality and modesty, but without letting sophistication and personality aside.

The contemporary style is market for flat and glossy surfaces, mainly by the use of technological materials such as lacquered wood, glass, and polished stone.

On the floor, it is common to use polished wood or porcelain, materials that further accentuate the mirror effect of the space, visually increasing the space.

A modern kitchen does not give up technological elements, straight lines and contrasting colors.

Few objects on the countertops, refer to minimalist features and give lightness and elegance to the space.

A bold lighting design is one of the perfect complements to a modern kitchen.

Farmhouse Kitchen

farmhouse kitchen

This style of decoration escapes contemporary sophistication reflecting a simpler and more traditional décor.

Farmhouse is a style of decoration with origins in the classic of rural American houses of the 19th century.

Inspired by cottages of former North American farmers, the style, despite the great rural influence, is a chic and elegant style of décor.

The Farmhouse style has gained space in current architectural designs bringing a mixture of rustic elements, typical of the cottages, with the comfort and functionality of modern kitchens.

The use of antique objects such as chandeliers and refurbished furniture, rustic woods and polished stones form a unique and cozy style.

Open concept kitchen


The open concept in the property is a very simple idea: a project with few walls and doors, and the rooms integrated into one in the social area of the house, that is, kitchen, living room, and dining room.

Functionality and mobility are some of the biggest advantages of using this concept.

A great benefit of using the open concept is the feeling of increased space in the house, and spaciousness since there will be fewer walls dividing the space.

The open concept is ideal for families who usually meet at mealtimes, the interconnected spaces provide that all people can interact between the kitchen and the dining and living room.

Vintage kitchen


For lovers of an old décor, the design of a vintage kitchen can be perfect.

Colorful furniture, handles and metalized objects, and elements with ornamental prints are part of the vintage style.

Natural Kitchen

plants in the kitchen

In recent years, having plants indoors has gone from a simple hobby to stylish décor and a charming house.

Plants bring lightness, tranquility, and connection with nature to your home and are the best and most original way to put green in the composition of your décor.

Using plants in decoration is a trend that many architectural projects are incorporating.

The plants bring an air of nature into the house, purifying the air and making the space light.