Secrets of the real estate market

Real estate

Whether you are buying or selling a house, knowing some real estate market secrets can help you make a good deal.

Therefore, we bring here 6 tricks that no one told you about this market and that can make all the difference when selling or buying a property.

Decoration according to season


When putting a property up for sale, thinking about its décor according to the season is essential for potential buyers to connect with the space.

The sensations that the buyer has when entering a property can be the key to the purchase decision, so all the sensory elements that the prospective buyer feels during the visit are essential.

Therefore, when advertising a property in the summer it is essential to make sure that the place is airy and does not get excessively hot, just as in winter it is important to keep you warm even for a short visit.

Oudoor area matters

Fernando de Noronha

Leaving the natural elements of the house such as lawn and plants impeccably cared for before each visit is essential for the creation of an atmosphere of magic for the buyer.

Even the smell of freshly cut grass or crafted land can make potential buyers feel enchanted during the visit.

The right time to advertise

Real estate

Posting the advertisement of a property on some dates can go horribly wrong, for example on an eve of long holidays, before people leave for a holiday season, or at a time of year when people are dealing with extra expenses like taxes.

So plan the date of making your property announcement well, avoiding these critical moments when people will not be open to purchase.

True description

Real estate

When describing the house you are putting up for sale, be very sincere and highlight the best features, without exaggeration that may cause disappointment in potential buyers.

Attention to the price range


Understanding which price range is the property you are advertising is critical to putting the correct price in the listing. Searches for real estate are usually done by a price range, and if you advertise outside this home range, the property will not be seen by potential buyers.

Ad time

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If you put a value far above the real in your listing, the property can stay in the market for a long time, causing the property to devalue more than if, from the beginning, the value was fixed with reality.



When dealing with the real estate market, knowing the secrets behind the ads is critical to ensuring that you make a good deal.

Put these tips into practice, in case you are selling a property, and stay tuned for the tricks if you are buying.