5 Ways to use shelves in decoration


In the decoration of a house, many elements can be important both visually and functionally. This is the case of using shelves in the decoration.

An element that allows you to leave visible objects, in addition to serving as storage space, the shelves still give charm to the room where they are inserted.

If you haven’t figured out how shelves can be an important item in your decor, follow some tips on how to use them below.

Shelves in the living room


In the living room, shelves can be installed over the sofa if it is leaning against a wall. This way, the space is filled and you gain room to exhibit decorative objects, books, paintings, among other things.

Another option to use shelves in the living room is on the same wall where the TV is installed. Whether above or next to the TV, the shelves can compose this space making the decor more complete.

Shelves in the bedroom

In the bedroom, a great option is to install a shelf on the headboard of the bed. You can use it to place paintings, decorative objects, and even plants.

Whether you have a workspace or a dressing table in the bedroom, installing a shelf in these spaces is a great idea. In addition to better composing the decoration, you still gain storage space to organize objects.

Shelves in kitchen

In the kitchen, shelves can be used to organize dishes, glasses, appliances, and all kinds of utensils.

When choosing to have an open storage space in the kitchen, you should be very careful with the organization, not to accumulate a mess. In this case, all kitchen utensils end up becoming decorative objects and should always be very well organized.

A good tip to make even more use of the space of the shelves in the kitchen is to install hooks at the bottom where you can hang mugs, pans or other utensils.

Shelves in bathroom

Corner of modern bathroom with gray tile and wooden walls, double sink on white countertop and comfortable bathtub. Shelves with towels and creams. 3D rendering

Shelves in the bathroom also need a lot of attention with the organization. You can count on boxes, baskets, or cachepots to organize your personal objects.

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A great place to position shelves in the bathroom is above the toilet, but you can also put them on the side or above the mirror.

Having wood in the bathroom is an excellent way to decorate this space with great elegance and still create a feeling of comfort in the room.

Shelves in the office

Gold chair at desk with desktop computer in green, cozy apartment interior with poster

When decorating a home office, you can count on shelves as great allies, because they give lightness to the space and still serve to organize books, office supplies, and decorative objects.

Install the shelves on your work desk, so you have everything always handy and still makes the space organized and beautiful.

How to install shelves

Firstly, you should choose the place where you want to use the shelves in the decoration, and then take the measurements. Decide whether you will opt for one or more shelves and how you will position them.

If you are going to place the shelf in a place of circulation, make sure it is not too low, as it may end up impairing the passage or even causing accidents.

The ideal is to position the shelf over a piece of furniture such as the sofa, a work table, etc.

To install shelves you will need a base, the most common is the corner angle support.

Have handy: measuring tape, a pencil, a level, a drill, bushings, and screws. With these items, you can install a shelf without professional help.

Take the measurements by marking with the pencil the height of the holes in the corner angle support and then drill the holes in the wall.

After that just screw the supports and position the shelves, do not forget to also fix the bottom of the shelf in the corner angle support to prevent the shelf from falling.

Then, just decorate your new shelves with your favorite objects, paintings, and plants.

So, what now? All set to put your hand in the dough and add some shelves for your decor to get even more complete?