DIY: do it yourself cachepot for your plants

Decorating the house can be a very pleasant activity and if you can have a touch of your own work is even more interesting. So we want to propose you something new: how about making yourself a cachepot for your plants?

In addition to making your space more beautiful, creating one or more cachepots can still be a fun activity. You will always look at those details and think about how your work was worth it.

So come with us and see some beautiful ideas of cachepots that you can create with your own hands.

What is cachepot

Although many people think that cachepot is a plant vase, the term actually refers to a cover for the vase, as if it were an outfit that hugs it.

The item can be made in various materials, from concrete and wood to rope and fabric. With creativity, it is possible to create different models.

Why use cachepot

The cachepot is a perfect complement to your plant pots, it can give charm to your vases and the item still add up to the decor of any space.

In addition to serving as a base for plants, the cachepot can still be used in other environments as a base for objects such as pencils, makeup, or whatever the imagination leads.

How to make a cachepot

To make a cachepot you can use various types of materials, just follow the measurements of the vase you intend to involve, or, still think of an ideal size to place your everyday objects, whether in the kitchen, in the office, or in the room.

A simple and practical way to make a cachepot is by covering the plant’s original vase with materials such as rope, string, fabric, etc. For this, just rely on hot glue to complete the task.

With some twigs from your backyard or a park near your home and a reused can, it is possible to create a beautiful and natural cachepot that can match several decorations.

How about using this model with a delicate plant in the decoration of the dining table and make it look beautiful when it comes to welcoming friends or gathering the family?

Even some pins can be useful to compose a simple and very beautiful cachepot. In addition, you can use spray paint to color the piece, there are several colors and even some metalized that can give an amazing finish.

Even an old bucket or basket can be turned into a cachepot by adding a simple finish, but that makes all the difference.

A piece like this can be used as a base for a large plant pot or as a basket for dirty clothes in the laundry room or in the bathroom.

How about getting your hands dirty and creating beautiful cachepots to decorate your home, and finally give a new face to your plant vases or even use as an element of organization?

After putting creativity into action, don’t forget to tell us the result.