8 Steps to prepare the perfect Home Office

We are in the midst of a pandemic, which made us adopt social distancing as a preventive measure and, therefore, we have been working more and more at home.

This situation led many people to create offices at home, those are in prepared rooms or in your own bedroom or living room.

Therefore, if you need to do the same, invest in a pleasant environment for you to study and work and spend many hours of your day.

Following our tips, you will surely work in the most comfortable and practical way possible.

1. Adapt your new work space


The office is a place where we spend much of the day, especially in times of pandemic when many people have adopted the home office.

Look for the place in your office or bedroom that is most comfortable for you to work and study, get up and circulate and can even do some stretching in the chair.

In addition to the old cushion on the chair, there are some products and equipment that can make your job much more comfortable like:

  • Height adapter for your monitor
  • notebook support
  • arm support
  • footrest

Choose the right chair

Chair models with regulation are the best option to adjust the size according to each person who will use it.

Choose the chair that has the most comfortable upholstery and fits the contour of your lower back.

Pay close attention to the posture on the chair

First of all, make sure that the chair of your choice is the best option for your health and, consequently, your performance at work.

For those who sit for long periods, one option is to use a cushion on the chair if it is too hard.

It is critical to position yourself correctly in the chair, when you sit incorrectly, the pressure on your intervertebral discs causes them to become uneven and overload muscles and ligaments, so always keep an upright posture on your chair.

When it comes time to sit down, fully touch your lower back on the chair and keep your spine straight and shoulders relaxed.

Always try to work with relaxed shoulders, always look at the center of your computer screen and keep your neck straight.

Your arms and your hands should be straight towards the keyboard.

Keep your feet fully on the ground and don’t cross your legs.

The ideal is to always be in good posture and try not to stay in the same position for many hours in a row.

It is possible to improve the quality of your work by changing your posture and practicing simple exercises that can be done on your own desk.

Keep the space organized


The decor of your home office should prioritize practicality and functionality.

When you make the composition, always put the things you use most in your routine at your sight and at your fingertips.

That way, you won’t need to waste your time looking for lost or out-of-place objects, plus keep your drawers always organized.

Use Plants in Decoration


Use plants not just in home office decor, but all over the house.

Offices that have plants, reduce stress, improve your mood and consequently your productivity.


As they are natural filters, plants purify the air, promoting health and well-being for you during your time at home.

And in the midst of routine and chaotic life, plants bring us tranquility and reconnection with nature.

Interior of modern home office.

Choose the right colors for the home office


For a small home office decorated in the right colors, invest in shades that stimulate creativity.

Colors have meanings, cause sensations and stimulate us in different ways.

When choosing the colors of your home office, it is worth balancing neutral shades and stimulating and vibrant tones.

That way, you won’t create a relaxing space and avoid distractions or tiredness.

Take breaks during your day

The worst thing in a work posture are repetitive movements, take breaks in your activities throughout the day and try to change the environment.

This movement recharges the energies and the astral to return to work.

Home office desk with a desktop computer by a teal green wall in a designer apartment interior with books and record player

Walking around the office for a few minutes, for example, already makes a big difference. The breaks will relieve the musculoskeletal system.



Stretching is a very simple exercise to do and can be done sitting down or standing up at any time of the day.

They aid the relaxation of the musculature and relieves pain in the lumbar and other parts of the body.

You can start by turning it slowly to avoid shoulder and neck pain.

For the arms, you can start stretching them up while turning both hands, then hold the elbow with your hand and take it until the handle reaches the side of the head region and hold that position for a few minutes and repeat it with the other arm.

You can stretch your legs while sitting in your chair with your back upright, so lift your legs until they are parallel to the ground, hold on to that position for a minute, and then do the same thing with the other leg.

Frequently sanitize your workspace

  • Wash your hands often. Use soap and water or hand sanitizer.
  • Clean your personal objects and the keyboard of your computer well.
  • If you order food or market for delivery, disinfect with alcohol all the packaging
  • If you need to go outside, use a mask and walk with hand sanitizer, and of course a spare mask.
  • Take care of the elderly, diabetics, heart patients, and people who are in the risk group.
Patterned carpet and pouf in simple grey workspace interior with computer monitor on desk

Even after the pandemic passes, home office will become an increasingly present reality on corporate day, so it’s good to adapt to this new reality.