How to choose the coffee table in the living room

In the decoration of a living room some items are essential, both to ensure the comfort and well-being of residents, as well as to compose the aesthetics of the environment, among them is the coffee table.

An indispensable item for both holding decorative objects and serving a coffee or tea to guests, the coffee table is a functional and elegant piece.

To choose the coffee table some care needs to be taken as to the size, model and style of the furniture. Below are the main points to keep an end to when choosing the coffee table in the living room.

Coffee table size

Before choosing your coffee table, take the measurements of your living room and check the available space for the piece.

The coffee table can not be disproportionate to the space, so if you have a large room, your table should also be large, but if you have a small room it is better to opt for a smaller model.

Do not forget that there is room for circulation after placing the coffee table, so be sure to calculate a certain margin between the furniture and the sofa. In addition, it is necessary to have free spaces that can be occupied by sofas with chaise.

Coffee table styles

The style of the coffee table should match the atmosphere of the living room, so if your living room has a minimalist decor, the coffee table should follow this style, the same is for rustic, industrial, modern decorations, etc.

Among the coffee table options, many materials can be used, check out below some options of coffee table materials.

Wooden coffee table

Wood is a material that can be simple or noble, it all depends on how it is used. On the coffee table, ideally use solid wood or a noble finish like the lacquered.

An elegant and personality option is to use wood in a rustic way on the coffee table, so you take advantage of the natural shapes of the wood creating a unique furniture.

Mirrored coffee table

Using mirrored furniture is already a trend in various styles of decoration and for the coffee table is a material that gives spaciousness and brightness to the environment.

A mirrored coffee table is ideal for decorations in the modern style, as it refers to a more sophisticated aesthetic.

Upholstered coffee table

The upholstered coffee tables give a contemporary and at the same time comfortable feel to the environment. This finish is ideal for those looking for warmth in the living room.

How to position the coffee table

The coffee table is usually positioned in front of the sofas and armchairs, creating an environment in which, when gathering family or friends, everyone stands around the table.

Ideally, there should be room for circulation and, at the same time, everyone can reach the coffee table from which they are seated.

If you have a rug in the living room, the coffee table is ideally placed on top of the rug that should go under the sofas or armchairs, demarcating the entire space.

Two coffee tables

If the space between the sofas and armchairs in your living room is large and you don’t want to have a very large coffee table, you can opt for two or more coffee tables.

In this case the models can be equal or complementary, with a lower and a higher one, for example.

What to put on the coffee table

As in the case of bookshelves or shelves, it is important to choose carefully what to put on the coffee table. You can opt for decorative objects, books, magazines, and even plants.

It is important to pay attention to not leave an accumulated mess on the coffee table, which should only have something that is not part of the decoration positioned on it at times when coffee or tea is being served, for example.


The coffee table is an essential furniture for the decoration of a living room, being useful for both aesthetics and the functionality of the environment.

The points that should be taken into account when choosing your coffee table is the size, material and style, and everything should match and fit with the rest of the decor.

With these tips you already have everything on hand to choose the ideal coffee table for your living room.